Friday, October 6, 2017

MD of Pincher Creek 2017 Candidates Forum - The candidates

Videos from the October 5 MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 2017 Election Candidates Forum, moderated by David Green, volunteering at the invitation of SASCI to facilitate the Pincher Creek and District Chamber of Commerce sponsored event. The candidate videos are presented in the order the Division each represents, with the exception of the first video, which is a compilation of wrap-up statements by the candidates at the forum's finale, in order of presentation.
All candidates (wrap-up statements):

Division 1: Quentin Stevick acclaimed

Division 2 candidate Rick Lemire:

Division 2 candidate Fred Schoening (incumbent):

Division 3 candidate Bev Everts:

Division 3 candidate Tom Judd:

Division 3 candidate Garry Marchuk (incumbent):

Division 4: Brian Hammond acclaimed

Division 5 candidate Ernie Olsen:

Division 5 candidate Terry Yagos (incumbent):

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