Friday, October 13, 2017

MD of Pincher Creek council approves wastewater treatment funding

Chris Davis - At their September 26 meeting council for the M.D. of Pincher Creek passed a motion by councillor Quentin Stevick to debenture up to $4 million for a twenty year period for the Wastewater Treatment portion of the Beaver Mines Water and Wastewater Project. Stevick requested a recorded vote. The motion carried with Reeve Brian Hammond opposed.

In September Director of Operations Leo Reedyk provided council with a Beaver Mines Water and Wastewater Project briefing.  Beaver  Mines Water  and Wastewater  Project Briefing.  According to Reedyk's report, "Further capacity study was required following the Provincial Governments announcement of supplying water for Castle Parks and Castle Mountain Resort through the Regional Water System. A meeting was held with Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Tourism, Alberta Transportation, MPE Engineering and the MD to discuss some of the technical issues associated with supplying water to Castle Parks and Castle Mountain Resort. A meeting with Castle Mountain Resort staff identified historical use and provided insight into the long term development requirements for water, excluding water for making snow. Note:  The water line to the Castle Mountain Resort is not intended to supply water for snow making. The final report of the Castle Area Servicing Study was provided on August 4, 2017."

A public project information meeting was held September 27, 2017 in the Coalfields Hall.

From Reedyk's September 21 report to council:
  • The water supply project includes water treatment plant upgrades, piping to the Hamlet (of Beaver Mines), including a booster pump station along the route, and a reservoir and re-chlorination unit.
  • Council has commissioned MPE Engineering to do the detailed design and tender of this project.
  • The project is in the detailed design phase in order to prepare a tender to go out in
  • the spring of 2017. A prequalification tender for contractors has been initiated, and will close on June 26, 2017, to be followed by a tender for the pipeline and mechanical components. 15 pipeline contractors and 7 mechanical contractors responded to the prequalification processes.
  • MPE Engineering is doing a detailed survey of the Hamlet to confirm elevations of homes.  A letter of introduction from the MD is being supplied to residents requesting the surveyors be allowed onto private property. Ongoing.
  • Negotiations with landowners is continuing and we will know in June the pipeline route. Legal documents are being prepared for signatures. Completed.
  • Confirmation of the reservoir site layout has been finalized.
  • Construction for this component of the project is tentatively scheduled for completion in the spring of 2018.
  • Location of Booster Pump Station is finalized.
  • Capacity issues with the Regional Water System infrastructure from the Oldman Dam reservoir to Beaver Mines resulting from the Castle Area Servicing were identified and have now been incorporated into the systems design.
  • Prequalification of Pipeline and Mechanical contractors is complete. The pipeline contract tender documents have been distributed to pipeline contractors. The mechanical tender documents will be distributed in September/October.
  • The Pipeline Tender closed on August 30, 2017with 6 tenders being submitted. The low tender was L.W. Dennis Contracting Ltd with a tender of $2,384,110.58.
  • The water distribution  and wastewater  collection  component  of the project  includes  the installation   of pipes  in the Hamlet to connect  residents  to the water reservoir  and to connect  to the wastewater  treatment  force main.
  • Council  has commissioned  MPE Engineering  to do the detailed  design and tender of this project.
  • At project  start up meeting  with MPE Engineering,  options  that provided  fire flow water capacity  and gravity waste water collection  for all sites were chosen.  These options  were also noted as preferred  at meetings  held with local residents.
  • The detailed  design phase of the project  is expected  to take most of 2017 with the tender happening  sometime  in the winter  of 2017/2018.
  • It is not expected  to be constructed  until 2018 or later, as in addition  to being  able to tie into the reservoir,  connection  to a wastewater  system for residents  requires, that a wastewater  treatment  system is operational  as well.
  • Where required,  easements  for utility crossings  on private  land are being identified.  Consultation  with land owners has been initiated.
  • The wastewater  treatment  system component  of the project  includes  a force main to the wastewater  treatment  lagoon  system from the Hamlet.
  • The Municipal  District  is awaiting  word in the spring of 2017 on a grant application  for this component  of the project.  On May 29, 2017 the Province announced  the AMWWP  grant funded projects,  no grant was received  for this project  in 2017.
  • Land negotiations  for an easement for a wastewater force main are ongoing.
  • Council  has yet to commission detailed design of this component  of the project.
  • Council  has requested additional  information on the Mill Creek site access
  • Meetings with area residents were held to discuss preliminary details of the project and to listen to their concerns.
  • A meeting to discuss access to the Mill Creek site was held with the local landowner and MPE engineering.  Options on access have been developed and are awaiting review and comment.

Reedyk's October 4 response to a council inquiry about the project: 

"At Council's last meeting, I indicated that the cost of the Mill Creek site lagoon was estimated to be between $200,000 to $300,000 lower than the Cowley force main option."

"Some clarification is required as the November 2016 Beaver Mines Wastewater Options Study indicated the projects to be $860,000 difference. Since the study was completed a number of changes to the project have occurred. By choosing the preferred option for the water supply line and negotiating easements, landowners on route indicated they were prepared to have the water utility ROWon their property but not all of them were prepared to have the waste water utility. This changed the routing required for a force main back to Cowley, and therefore the projected cost. Additionally, the decision for the preferred water utility ROW changed the option of bringing water past the Mill Creek lagoon site and to residents who may have hosted the wastewater force main to that location. Additional costs have now been projected for a longer waste water route, increased utility ROW cost and the possibility of taking water alongside the waste water to allow those utility ROW's to proceed. These costs were calculated by myself using the unit costs included in the study's, where available."

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