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M.D. of Pincher Creek No. 9 residents: Meet your candidates

Updated with additional information October 5.

Toni Lucas - Election Day is October 16, 2017 for the M.D. of Pincher Creek No. 9 and Town of Pincher Creek. Advance polling for both municipalities will be held on October 11, 2017.

Two Divisions in the M.D. have been acclaimed: Division 1 will be represented again by Quentin Stevick and Division 4 will be represented again by Brian Hammond. This leaves three Divisions that will be going to the polling stations.

Division 2 candidates: Rick Lemire and Fred Schoening (incumbent).
Division 3 candidates: Bev Everts, Tom Judd and Garry Marchuk (incumbent).
Division 5 candidates: Ernie Olsen and Terry Yagos (incumbent).

We asked all the candidates to supply us with a brief synopsis of their platforms and qualifications. We've received responses from several candidates, published below, with the exception of those acclaimed and Fred Schoening, Tom Judd, and Garry Marchuk.

Division 2:
Rick Lemire
Born, raised and educated in Fort Macleod. Upon graduating High School, I attended LCC to complete my Welder Trade Certificate. Moved to Pincher in 1983, accepting a job with Alberta Transportation, which I'm still currently working with the Department as a Maintenance Contract Inspector. Married with two grown children and 2 wonderful grandchildren. We operate a family based farm/ranch operation east of Pincher Creek. Have being involved with 4-H, coached sports teams and some local charity groups through the past 34 years in Pincher Creek. Was a school trustee for the St. Michael’s Separate School Board prior to the amalgamation of the now Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Division. My interests are many but, family and the well-being of our community are at the top of my list. 

I have decided to put my name in for Division 2, as I feel I can contribute my knowledge of road maintenance, good collaboration and decision making skills, to just name a few. Currently there is several issues in which the M.D. will discussing and making decisions on such as; Castle Park designation which would include tourism, the possibility of the Oil and Gas industry downsizing and green energy expansion, Highway 3 twinning. I feel we need a good solid governance for our communities needs to be met now and the future - the future for our grandchildren. We need to work collaboratively with other jurisdictions, towns, villages and Government agencies, and regulators to be sure of this. 

 For this to take place we need good communication with our constituents. I have my own ideas what I would like to see, but what is more important is what the tax payers would like to see, and to be sure that they are heard and have had the opportunity to voice their concerns. I also know that through my work experience there will be times when “no” maybe the answer but only after good communication is exchanged and it is for the betterment of the M.D. In conclusion I believe I will represent Division 2 as being fiscally conservative and socially responsible. I want to have an open door policy of good communication, so no matter where you reside in the M.D. you are treated fairly and your voice is heard.

Division 2:
Fred Schoening (incumbent)
No information received as of time of publication.  Updated October 5.

Why vote for me on council AGAIN?

Accessible: During my term it has always been my policy to listen to ratepayer concerns and bring those concerns to M.D. Council.

Grounded : For the past four years common sense solutions to policies and plans has been my approach.

Active: I currently sit on or have sat in a primary or alternate position on many boards and committees at both M.D.#9 and Regional levels. These boards include; A.S.B., FCSS, Facilities, Police Advisory, ORRSC, Regional Emergency Management, Library Board, Recycle Committee, Landfill Committee and Pincher Creek Foundation.

Infrastructure: I believe the focus of Municipal Government should be basic infrastructure; roads and bridges, water and waste water, invasive species both plant and animal, waste management, Emergency Services and Senior’s Housing.

Needs: I have always said that Council decisions should be based on needs and not wants.

Vote for me.
Vote for concentrating on basic infrastructure.

Division 3:

Bev Everts

Bev Everts

Roots and Vision! I’m excited to have this campaign opportunity to share with you what that meanto me, Bev Everts. But much more importantly I’m eager to hear from you, to carefully listen and continue to learn how we can grow our community into the future while still maintaining the quality of life we all hold dear.

I am passionate about working with people to build bridges and find common ground. My husband and I joke – I like people and he likes cows. We’ve been so fortunate to live out our passions, raising our three children on Stillridge Ranch in the Gladstone Valley. Recognized with the 2003 Farm Family of the Year Award for MD #9 at the Calgary Stampede and again in 2012 locally, along with the 2016 Environmental Stewardship award, we are extremely grateful to this community. 

I have much desire to give back. It pleases us both that our three children have pursued post secondary education, traveled the world and now have come back to follow interesting careers and call Pincher Creek home. My three grandchildren (I delightfully call them my “Grands”) are all now in school, thus I have the time to give to council. It is true that I did not make this decision lightly. When I shared with supporters at various times over the last few weeks that I wasn't sure about running they encouraged me even more. 

As an elected school board trustee I helped to shape Livingstone Range School Division #68 for 3 consecutive terms – 9 years. I loved being a school trustee. In this position we worked collaboratively as a board bringing 4 local school districts together, developing new policy and procedures. Today LRSD #68 stands out as one of Alberta’s more progressive and leading public education jurisdictions. I demonstrated additional leadership attributes as President of Wild West Freestyle (skiing), Dolphins Swim Club and United Church Council. I found myself as one of many hard working parents, often co-chairing school councils. I’m big on TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. Most recently this is demonstrated through my past six years with Team Cas, nominee for the 2016 Spirit of Pincher Creek award.

The diversity of this MD, both in people and economies, must be clearly reflected at council when it comes to making good governance decisions. It’s a great place to live and attracts many adventure seeking visitors. What will growth look like as Shell transitions to leave? How will our newly established Castle Provincial Parks and Wildlands bring new economic benefits while balancing the need for environmental stewardship? In 2012 SASCI conducted a very inclusive community values assessment round table and I’m interested in revisiting that. Communication and local values need to be brought into the conversation leading to decisions by the community for the community. The issues are plenty, and I will work hard to listen, research and communicate on issues that matter most to you.

Enhanced community relationships between town and MD are another topic that I have been hearing about frequently. The Kenow fire is a most recent example to speak to this. Town, M.D. Parks Canada, Forestry and all levels of government came together. Can we now step back and really visit what worked and where we need to improve for the future? Can we strategically look at our fire preparedness and response and work together to effect the change that’s needed? I believe we can but first we have to respectfully hear each other and then have the courage to move forward to effect necessary critical change.

You’ve taken time to read this because you care. Simply stated that’s all it takes for healthy community development ... a whole lot of caring people being heard. If elected I will do my very best to bring your collective and caring voice to council with Roots and Vision.

Division 3:
Tom Judd
No information received as of time of publication.

Division 3:
Garry Marchuk (incumbent)
Garry Marchuk

No information received as of time of publication. Updated on October 6.

Passionate and committed:  I've been a member of this community for 35 years and am passionate about this area we call home.  I am committed to tackling the changes coming our wan and making sure these benefit our entire community.  In the last 5 years, I've successfully formed relationships across all levels of government and will continue to draw on these to deliver projects we couldn't otherwise find.

Fair minded and approachable: Every question, concern and opinion is important.  I will always hear, respect and consider all points of view,  I am listening and open to respectable communication... anytime.

Inclusive: It is the engagement of many that gets the task  done.  I will represent in a way that serves our community into the future.

With 5 years of council experience characterized with positive change, I have the knowledge and relationships to steer us through the challenges and opportunities ahead.  With your support in this election we will continue to face the changes coming to our community in a way that best serves the needs of all the MD of Pincher Creek.

Division 4:
Brian Hammond (incumbent) - acclaimed

Division 5:
Ernie Olsen
Experience:  10 years as owner of Grocery store in Shawville Quebec along with spouse
  • Moved to Alberta in December 2000
  • 8 years as owner of Sobeys in Pincher Creek along with spouse
  • 30 years as Business person
  • 3 years on Town Council in Pincher Creek
  • 3 years as Mayor of Pincher Creek
  • Member of Citizens on Patrol
  • Recipient of Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Medal
  • Resident of Lundbreck, Ab.
  • Promoting efficiency and good communication
  • Please vote on October 16th, 2017
  • Advanced Polls on October 11, 2017

Division 5:

Terry Yagos
Terry Yagos (incumbent)
I am married and have three adult children and two grandchildren and have lived in the Lundbreck area at Lee Lake all my life. After teaching 12 years in Lundbreck, I started a cow calf operation which I now operate with my son Ryan. As well, I operate the recreational area at the lake.

My formal education includes graduating from Livingstone School, completing a B.A. in geography and a B.Ed at the University of Lethbridge.

I have been very active in the community - coaching for over 35 years and have held many executive positions in sports leagues, Toastmasters and political parties.

I have had the privilege to serve for nine years on the former Pincher Creek School Board and have served seven years on the Pincher Creek M.D. Council where I have been Deputy Reeve for the last seven years. During that time, I have also been chair or vice chair of most of the council committees. These experiences have taught me a great deal about developing and working with policy, the importance of effective communication with stakeholder groups and the importance of following effective parliamentary procedure at council and public meetings.

What challenges does our What challenges does our M.D. face?
  • There was a 6% loss in linear tax assessment compared to the previous year.  
  • There was a loss of population from 3158 to 2965 in the last census - 193 people, which are worth about $800 each through various per capita grants. 
  • We have followed our goal to keep the increase of requisition of taxes to 3% per year to meet inflation.  We may have to use some of our rainy-day reserves to achieve this for 2018 and 2019.  By 2020 our linear assessment should again start to increase.

What do I hope to achieve in the next term?

  • Continue to pursue the M.D.’s policy of enhanced service - such as snowploughing, graveling, dust control, weed control etc. 
  • Improve our infra-structure such as roads, bridges and equipment without increasing taxes beyond the cost of inflation. 
  • Help to encourage growth in our M.D., Hamlet of Lundbreck and enrollment in Livingstone School by supporting such projects as Patton Park and the development of a daycare facility. Encourage programs such as the Ski Academy which has significantly increased the enrollment of Livingstone School. The survival of Livingstone School is critical to the economy of this area. 
  • Work with all four jurisdictions in our area – the Crowsnest Pass, Cowley, Town of Pincher Creek and the M.D. to develop an affordable recreation facilities plan that the population of 11,000 in this region can enjoy. 
  • There are many other areas to explore, for these communities to work together. One possibility would be sharing the cost of developing some of the potential of our airport, which has the fourth longest runway in Alberta. One possible service that could then be provided would be charter flights for those who work in the north. 

I would be happy to meet with you and discuss any of these ideas or any others you may have.

Why am I running for election?
Over the years I have gained and am still gaining experience and skills that have made me a more effective councillor.

As a landowner, who both ranches and manages a recreational area, I have a vested interest in the well being of the M.D. and its people.

Having enjoyed living and working in this area community all of my life has given me great appreciation for the environmental assets of our area and an understanding of how much these assets are valued by the residents of this area.

I now have grandchildren living at Lee Lake who attend Livingstone School and their future along with the future of the greater community is important to me.

Contact information: Phone: 403-628-2350 Cell: 403-627-8294 Email:

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