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Pincher Creek Town and MD councils swear in, hold organizational meetings

Town and MD council swearing in ceremonies  (photos:Brooklyn Glavin, C. Davis)
Chris Davis - The new councils for the Town of Pincher Creek and the Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9 held swearing in ceremonies followed by organizational meetings on October 23 and 24 respectively. The Town swearing in ceremony was fairly elaborate.  A sizable crowd of citizens was in attendance.  The new council was introduced by CAO Laurie Wilgosh and then led into the council chamber by bagpiper Alec Chisholm.  That was followed by the singing of O Canada, and then the council was sworn in by Bylaw Enforcement Officer Gordon Pitt.  Wilgosh read a Charge to the Mayor. Mayor Anderberg read a Charge to the Councillors and a Charge to Citizens and Supporters.  An intermission provided a chance to eat and mingle before the organizational meeting.  The MD's swearing in ceremony was simpler, with CAO Wendy Kay swearing in the council in front of a small crowd of citizens, before proceeding with the organizational meeting. Upon being elected Reeve, Quentin Stevick gave a short speech and proceeded to chair the rest of the meeting.

Pincher Creek Town Council: Wayne Elliott, Brian McGillivray, Mark Barber, Mayor Don Anderberg, Scott Korbett, Sussanne O'Rourke, Lorn Jackson
(Brooklyn Glavin photo)


The following is a list of appointments made at both meetings, combined where appropriate.  Committee and board appointments are effective for one year.

MD Reeve: Quentin Stevick (by election of Council)
MD Deputy Reeve: Rick Lemire (by election of Council)

Town Mayor: Don Anderberg (elected to position)
Town Deputy Mayor:
     Mark Barber - October 23, 2017 ­to June 30, 2018
     Wayne Elliott - July 1, 2018 ­to February 28, 2019
     Lorne Jackson - March 1, 2019 ­ to October 31, 2019
     Scott Korbett - November 1, 2019 ­ to June 30, 2020
     Brian McGillivray - July 1, 2020 ­ to February 28, 2021
     Sussanne O'Rourke - March 1, 2021 ­ to October 25, 2021

Agricultural Service Board
  • MD: Bev Everts, Quentin Stevick, Terry Yagos (alternate)
Alberta SouthWest Regional Alliance (AlbertaSW)
  • Town: Scott Korbett (Town), Lorne Jackson (alternate)
  • MD: Quentin Stevick, Bev Everts (MD alternate)
Airport Committee
  • MD: Brian Hammond, Rick Lemire, Terry Yagos (alternate)
Assessment Review Board
  • Member(s) appointed by Oldman River Regional Services Commission
  • Town Councillors Wayne Elliott and Lorne Jackson to continue to represent the Town until such time as others may be trained.
Castle Mountain / Beaver Mines Community Associations
  • Bev Everts (MD)
Children's World Daycare Board
  • Sussanne O'Rourke (Town), Wayne Elliott (Town alternate)
Community Hall Board
  • Town: Lorne Jackson
Crowsnest Pincher Creek Landfill Association
  • Town: Mark Barber, Scott Korbett (alternate)
  • MD: Terry Yagos, Rick Lemire (alternate)
Community Transportation Committee
  • Town: Lorne Jackson, Brian McGillivray
  • MD Council decided not to appoint anyone to this committee at this time.
Daycare Committee
  • Town: Sussanne O'Rourke, Brian McGillivray, Wayne Elliott
Economic Development Committee
  • Town: Scott Korbett
  • MD Council decided not to appoint anyone to this committee at this time.
Facilities Planning Study Steering Committee
  • Town: Mark Barber, Wayne Elliott
  • Bev Everts, Rick Lemire (alternate)
Family and Community Support Services (FCSS)
  • Town: Sussanne O'Rourke
  • MD: Bev Everts, Rick Lemire (alternate)
Highway 3 Association
  • Town: Don Anderberg, Mark Barber (alternate)
Intermunicipal Development Committee
  • Town: Scott Korbett, Lorne Jackson
  • MD: Rick Lemire, Terry Yagos, Bev Everts (alternate)
Library Board and Chinook Arch Regional Library Board
  • Town: Mark Barber
  • MD: Quentin Stevick (Chinook Arch), Rick Lemire (Local library)
Lundbreck Community Association
  • Terry Yagos (MD)
Mayors and Reeves of Southwest Alberta
  • Town: Don Anderberg or available Councillors
  • MD: Quentin Stevick
Oldman Watershed Council
  • Town: Wayne Elliott
Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC)
  • Town: Don Anderberg, Scott Korbett (alternate)
  • MD: Bev Everts, Quentin Stevick (alternate)
Pincher Creek Emergency Services Commission (Fire and Ambulance)
  • Town: Lorne Jackson, Don Anderberg, Mark Barber (alternate)
  • MD: Brian Hammond, Quentin Stevick. Terry Yagos (alternate)
Pincher Creek Regional Emergency Management Organization
  • Town: Lorne Jackson, Don Anderberg, Mark Barber (alternate)
  • MD: Rick Lemire, Terry Yagos, Bev WEverts (alternate)
Pincher Creek Foundation Board
  • Town: Lorne Jackson, Sussanne O'Rourke
  • Quentin Stevick, Bev Everts (alternate)
Police Advisory Committee
  • Town: Mark Barber, Wayne Elliott (alternate)
  • MD Council decided not to appoint anyone to this committee at this time.
Town Municipal Development and Subdivision Authority
  • Wayne Elliott, Brian McGillivray, Scott Korbett
Town Municipal Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
  • Don Anderberg
Town Policy Review Committee
  • All of Town Council
Recreation Advisory Board
  • Town: Mark Barber
Recycling Management and Solid Waste Committee
  • Town: Scott Korbett
  • MD: Brian Hammond, Rick Lemire (alternate)
Town Community Housing Committee
  • Don Anderberg, Sussanne O'Rourke, Brian McGillivray

Town Finance and Budget Committee
  • All of Town Council
Town Operations Committee
  • Wayne Elliott


All members of Town Council shall serve as alternates on all related committees and boards.

All of MD Council are sitting members of the following Committees, Boards and Commissions. A
resolution is not required to appoint Council members.
- Finance and Budget Committee
- Foothills Little Bow
- Joint Town and MD Council Meetings
- Joint Funding Meetings
- Municipal Planning Commission
- Regional Council Meetings
- Regional Water Joint Council ­ MD / Village of Cowley
- Statutes, Bylaws and Plans Committee
- Subdivision Authority
- Joint Crowsnest Pass and MD Council Meetings

Avail LLP has been appointed as the Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9 Auditor for 2018.

MD Council decided to discuss at their November 7 regular meeting whether they should have a representative on the Pincher Creek and District Chamber of Commerce committee/board.



Your place on Council is a special place.

Your role in the community is a special role.

If it is an honor to be elected to Council; and it is; then it is a greater honor to be elected to Mayor; as the responsibilities and duties carry a greater weight as there is only one.

All of the articles charged to the Councillors also are charged to the Mayor.

In addition you are expected to govern fair at the Council table.

You should encourage debate with meaningful discussion.

Your courtesy and attentiveness should be extended to all visiting delegations.

Citizens of Pincher Creek should be made welcome, for it is their Council Chambers. They come to seek help or provide input. Their participation is mandatory to good government.

You are expected to develop and maintain good relations with surrounding communities and their governments as well as higher level of government.

These charges are not only desirous; but necessary if we are to maintain our community in the quality of life we enjoy, and wish to pass on to future generations.

You are entrusted with these charges.


Incumbents and new Councillors alike are charged by the Citizens of Pincher Creek to conduct the affairs of the Town; through the administration and staff in a manner benefiting the community at large.

Your election to Council cannot be taken lightly. The confidence that others have placed in you is an honor and should be treated as such.

You are expected to handle your duties with due diligence and prudence.

You will be expected to make decisions that are knowledgeable and fair.

Prepare for your decision.

You are expected to assist in governing; but not interfering in administration.

You should know the boundaries of your position and stay within those boundaries.

The integrity of your office will be judged by your actions.

Your conduct both in Council Chambers and elsewhere will be seen as representing the Town of Pincher Creek. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

You must be open, honest and fair at all times and must be perceived to be as well.

A good listener will contribute more to wise decisions than one who is perceived to know it all. Listen well.

Debate when you are knowledgeable. Listen and question to gain that knowledge.


The Swearing In; and taking the Oath of Office is a very serious, sober and exhilarating moment.

The discontent with the representation of the populace at all levels of government can be directly related to the apathetic public.

Your attendance here indicates you will not tolerate the decline of the respect for our representatives, and the lack of the credibility of our governing body.

As your Council begins a new term, your advice, understanding and support is a necessary ingredient of a successful Council.

You represent the extended communication arm of your Council, an ear to listen to the concerns of citizens and an unofficial consultant.

Let your contribution be positive, constructive and well informed.

Be ready to assist, and become part of the team that will have an influence on decisions made today, that will effect us all.

The family of incumbent members are aware of the time consumed by this endeavor. Be patient!

Family of newly elected people may question the need for the time spent on Town business; reading reports and communications. A good representative will need time to prepare; to make a meaningful contribution.

Your support is imperative.

A note of thanks to Brooklyn Glavin who helped with photographs and detailed notes at the Town swearing in ceremony

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