Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Town of Pincher Creek Election 2017 results

Unoffical results.

Town of Pincher Creek: Higher number posted earlier tonight were incorrect, the below has been verified. 

Mayoral Candidates
Anderberg, Don: 702 - Elected
Gray, Dianne: 229

Note: The above numbers for the Mayoral race have been slightly modified due to a recount on October 18.  Click here for that story.

Councillor Candidates
Barber, Mark: 787 - Elected
Elliott, Wayne: 844 - Elected
Jackson, Lorne: 765 - Elected
Korbett, Scott: 804 - Elected
McGillivray, Brian: 682 - Elected
O'Rourke, Sussanne: 423 - Elected
Blake, Tim: 316
Thornton, Douglas: 338


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