Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Town of Pincher Creek election: Recount planned for Mayor position

Update: The recount has now concluded, confirming (unofficially) Don Anderberg as Mayor.  Click here for that story.

Chris Davis - Town of Pincher Creek Mayoral candidate Dianne Gray has requested a recount of the votes for Mayor tabulated on October 16. According to an email to Gray from Returning Officer Lou Burnham, there will be a recount for Mayor on October 18 at 8:00 am in the Town of Pincher Creek council chambers.

Incumbent Mayor Don Anderberg was declared the winner yesterday with 701 votes to Gray's 330.

There was a visible reset in the tallies posted on the Town's website during the course of the evening. We at the Voice cannot verify that many Town staff "were seen wandering in the counting room" as Gray suggests in her letter to Burnham below.

Gray's letter to Burnham requesting the recount reads as follows:

Due to the incredible discrepancies with the tally of vote numbers early in the evening, I am respectfully requesting an official recount of the 'unofficial numbers' as per 98 (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8) of the Local Authorities Election Act in conjunction with Elections Canada and Elections Act.

I am requesting a recount for the following reasons:

On the Town of Pincher Creek site it is stated that "Higher number posted earlier tonightwere incorrect, the below has been verified."

1) How were they verified in such a short period of time from the last high numbered tally?
2) How was the actual count for each candidate decided upon and modified?
3) Why the first initial numbers reflected over 2500 for many of the councillors in the early count and then suddenly altered to be 844, 765, 787 or how my count changed from 652 to 330 as examples.

The voting population is stated by the CAO to be 2640.
4) Where is the Statement of Poll?

I understand from my scrutineer that many votes were submitted more than once.
5) Is that why there were so many errors?
6) Who submitted these numbers into the town's system?
7) Have all of your signed documents of residents who came in to vote actually live in the Town? Is that one reason the numbers were inaccurate?
8) How many actual Voters were there?
9) Were any of the town staff involved with the election process as many reports have stated that many were seen wandering in the counting room which goes against the Elections Act.

I, like many other voters, want clarification on what happened with the ballot count and what the true, actual numbers are and how they were finally determined.

Perhaps you will receive other requests for a recount as well. It is a democratic process and our right as voters and of all candidates.

This matter is most disconcerting as I am sure you can appreciate and I look forward to your reply.


Dianne Gray

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  1. The recount is a total waste of taxpayers money. The results are conclusive. If Dianne Gray really wants a re-count, let her request a judicial re-count which will cost her $300 if she is does not have a valid case. I was present for the entire counting process as the official agent for another candidate and did NOT witness any irregularities. The initial wrong count was likely due to an error in the spreadsheet that added sub-totals into the totals. This was discovered and corrected before the end of the evening.


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