Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Town of Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg's victory speech

Chris Davis -  Re-elected Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg gave the above speech at an election evening party hosted at Salvage Solutions, introduced by MD of Pincher Creek Division 3 Councillor-elect Bev Everts.  Anderberg defeated contender Dianne Gray by 701 votes to 333 votes respectively (results currently unofficial).

Here also are some photos of the election evening party (and one from the MD council chambers after results were announced there):

^ Among the elected and acclaimed: Bev Everts (MD Division 3), Brian McGillivray (Town Council), Scott Korbett (Town Council), Town Mayor Don Anderberg, Susanne O'Rourke (Town Council), Mark Barber (Town Council), Quentin Stevick (MD Division 1)

MD councillors-elect Rick Lemire and Bev Everts, re-elected MD Councillor Terry Yagos

Re-elected Mayor Don Anderberg

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