Sunday, October 15, 2017

When hope seems lost

Joyce Sasse
- Imagine a globe with a huge crack in it, carried on a large pack-board. This graphic implies the pack-board will be carried by a Korean laborer. It was designed for use by the South Korean denomination I worked with in the late 1960’s as a symbol of the work of the Christian Church.

When the image hung in the chancel of a church, it affirmed the understanding that the church exists to carry the burden of a broken world: to try to mend its wounds by inviting people to help each other find hope in the midst of the chaos.

Everywhere we turn these days, it seems as if chaos abounds. Many feel burdened by the brokenness of our world. Where do we turn? What might we do?

Many seeming cornerstones are being discredited. We distrust our political and religious institutions. We question news reports as if they were tainted. Our children must be supervised at all times

Instead of abandoning our churches, is it time we look for ways to come together? Can we review the wisdom of those who have gone before us? Can we intentionally try to discover how to grow strong in our broken places? Can we challenge each other to seek out visions of hope to share with our youth?

The opportunity is here for us find our strength. Consider the poignancy of a prayer written by Dr. A.B.B. Moore. In part it reads “Almighty God, we who stand in the world offer ourselves and our society for your blessing and healing… Teach us your way. Don’t let us restrict you to a narrow ghetto labeled ‘religion’, but lead us to worship you in the fullness of life – as the Lord of politics, economics and the arts. Give us light to seek true morality, not in narrow legalisms, but in sacrifice and open responsibility. Show us how to express our love for you in very specific human service to others … Let us give thanks to you for all of life.”

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