Wednesday, November 29, 2017

4-H Silver Reins Light Horse Club update

Brynn Grose meets her new horse Kreedo (submitted photos)

Brynn Grose - Hi my name is Brynn Grose it is my first year in the 4-H Silver Reins Light Horse Club. The other members in the club are Kelly Turnbull, Kim Turnbull, Jessie Terpstra, Johnny Terpstra, Ruby Spranza, Maren Christensen and Dakota Grineage. My horse's name is Kreedo.

Brynn's first day at 4-H

Brynn's first day at 4-H
Our recent and upcoming events: On November 18 we had Angels Within Us. Two weeks ago we had the Remembrance Day ceremony. We meet once a month. Our upcoming 4-H days are November 25, December 9 and January 13. We are looking for new members. If you would like more information call Yvonne Terpstra at 403-627-1445 or call Nanette Turnbull 403-627-4535. The big event that is coming up is the district 4-H dance December 7 at Matthew Halton High School at 7:00 pm, all families are welcome for $5.00/person or $15.00/family. We are hoping to see lots of people at the dance.

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