Sunday, November 19, 2017

Beaver Mines Area Structure Plan/Municipal Development Plan moves forward

Chris Davis - At their regular meeting of November 7, council for the MD of Pincher Creek responded favourably to a request from the Beaver Mines Community Association to initiate the process for developing a new Beaver Mines Area Structure Plan/Municipal Development Plan.

Development Officer Roland Milligan said that the municipal development plan was the most urgent upcoming issue for his department. "We are due for a huge overhaul," said Milligan, referencing the new requirements of the recently updated provincial Municipal Government Act (MGA). He said the process can take up to two years. The MD's municipal development plan must be updated by 2019 according to Milligan, coincide with requirements imposed by the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan.

According to Milligan, no further growth of the Hamlet of Beaver Mines is allowed until the new fresh water and sewer services get there, and once that process is complete it may trigger the need for new planning for the hamlet.

Council received two identical letters from Beaver Mines Community Association President Pete Falkenberg and Treasurer Lynn Calder on the subject. "On behalf of the Beaver Mines Community Association, we would like to request that the MD Council commission the Oldman River Regional Services Commission to develop an area structure plan/municipal development plan for the Hamlet of Beaver Mines in consultation with the community. This study would be used to guide future MD decisions around where, how large and and how fast Beaver Mines will grow once water and sewer come in, including recommendations for subdivision and architectural controls to retain the country residential character of the hamlet. We feel that it is critical that such a study be initiated now, rather than waiting until the first flurry of subdivision applications land on your doorstep."

"Much of this work was done in the Beaver Mines Planning Study done in 1998 by the University of Calgary. This would be a good place to start, but it needs to be brought up to date. We would be happy to work with the Oldman River Regional Services Commission and the MD of Pincher Creek #9 to coordinate community involvement."

Reeve Quentin Stevick asked for a ballpark figure on the cost of overhauling planning to conform to the updated MGA. Milligan said it would be roughly $20,000.

Councillor Terry Yagos cautioned his fellow councillors that another limiting factor will be the availability of Senior Planner Gavin Scott, because Scott's time will be quite occupied by the upcoming Castle Mountain structure planning.

Councillor Rick Lemire said the timing was right for Beaver Mines planning, because of the newly formed Castle Parks and synchronicity with the Castle Mountain Resort structure planning process. Councillor Brian Hammond concurred, and suggested the MD approach the Oldman River Regional Services Commission for some direction as to how to proceed. Milligan agreed that was a good idea, and said he should be able to present more information to present at council's next public meeting.

Council agreed to initiate the process of developing a Beaver Mine Area Structure Plan and to begin examining information related to creating a Municipal Development Plan that reflects the requirements of the new MGA.

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  1. I hope that a" development plan for the Hamlet of Beaver Mines in consultation with the community" does not intend to limit the consulatation to only the community of Beaver Mines. ALL the ratepayers of the MD are funding a $15 million water/wastewater project and some are expected to deal with the negative impact of wastewater lagoons. There are stakeholders beyond the residents of Beaver Mines and these should be consulted as well.


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