Sunday, November 19, 2017

Castle Mountain Resort Area Structure Plan moves forward

Chris Davis - On November 7 council for the MD of Pincher Creek approved a recommendation from Development Officer Roland Milligan to re-start work on a Castle Mountain Resort Area Structure Plan. The planning process had been put on hold until a water plan could be developed. In an October 19 email Castle Mountain Resort requested that the area structure planning process move forward.

Castle Mountain Resort GM Brad Brush wrote "Please accept this letter as a formal request to re-open the Area Structure Plan Project for Castle Mountain Resort. This project was placed on hold pending the completion of the Castle Mountain Master Plan. This plan is now complete and the full document can be found on our website following this link."

Milligan said a draft area structure plan should be complete within a few months, and the next step after that may involve council deciding to hold public and other meetings on the subject.

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