Sunday, November 19, 2017

Let’s not surrender ourselves

Joyce Sasse, Spiritual Gleanings - In the name of modernization, we are being lured into the world of “let us do it for you”.   “Let us drive your car.” “Let us tell you which road to follow.” “Let this new app contact your best friends.”

“Not to worry”, the mantra goes. A few words from song typed in to Google - the algorithm completes the phrase and tells you where the lyrics and melody can be heard.

“Not to worry”, the mantra goes. We’ll sort through all the media stuff and prepare an abbreviated “News Feed” personalized to your liking…

No happenstance discoveries allowed here. No encouragement to wander along a prairie trail or immerse yourself in the exploration of a mountain stream.

No need to develop a life-time of savvy for reading the sky to forecast weather … The city-centred reporter 200 miles away will tell you how beautiful it is, though the wind is blowing 120 km/hr where you are.

Although you watched the sloughs dry up all summer, and saw the river become a trickle, there’s no need to fear water shortage until the water-control office in Edmonton makes that announcement.

A numbing-down and dumbing-down has become so prevalent our society eagerly anticipates the coming of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It frightens many of us.

Ours is an “Information Age”, but it is also an age when Wisdom, Ethics, Experience and Authenticity are being sidelined.

I’m of the Old School! I believe there is much to learn from the experience of sages and elders. I value the contributions made by the creative ones who help us see beyond ourselves. I treasure the insights shared by those who study alternative ways of thinking.

Whenever God appeared to humans in the stories from Scripture, the first word spoken is “Don’t be afraid!” The fuller phrase used is “The fear (respect) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

Let’s not surrender ourselves. Let’s more fully engage in our God-given capacity to celebrate life!

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