Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Livingstone School Spaghetti Night brings in dough for grad class

Livingstone School 2018 graduands from left to right: Logan Desjardins, Meghan Tkachuk, Kelsey Norman, Cam Brush, Reid Mosby, Quinlan Connelly-Engel, Cole Schweb, Elisha Lowry, Levi Sekella, Justyn Connelly-Engel, Tom Phillips, Abigail Gibbons

Toni Lucas - Livingstone School held their annual Spaghetti Night graduation fundraiser in the Cowley Hall on Friday evening, November 24. The school's twelve graduands served dinner to over 200 people. This is the main fundraiser for the Livingstone School graduation class and pays for photos, decorations, hall rental, and other expenditures. The Spaghetti Night event featured draws, a silent auction including gift baskets, Christmas themed decorations, and other items. The evening came to a sweet conclusion with Bob Westrop auctioning off a variety of desserts prepared by the graduating class or their families. Pies, cakes, cupcakes, trifles and themes made it so no matter what your tastes there was something to tempt you.  Several desserts were auctioned for more than $200 each, with one 2018-themed rainbow cake shown by Kelsey Norman going for an astounding $1,000.

Cam Brush

Tom Phillips

Meghan Tkachuk with LHS Principal Chad Jensen and young cake enthusiast

Auctioneer Bob Westrop

Levi Sekella

Elisha Lowry

Logan Desjardins

Abigail Gibbons

Kelsey Norman with $1000 cake

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