Thursday, November 23, 2017

Petition launched against MD's Mill Creek Sewage Lagoon Project

Map from MPE Engineering's Beaver Mines Wastewater Options Study draft report to the MD of Pincher Creek, included in petition 

Chris Davis - A group calling itself "Friends of the Castle River" has launched an online petition to be delivered to the CAO and Council for the MD of Pincher Creek asking the MD to "stop all work on the Mill Creek Sewage Lagoon". The lagoon is part of the MD's ongoing Beaver Mines water an wastewater project, which has been the subject of considerable debate, as reported here at length in the past.

The petition cites a number of reasons for the petition, including what it calls "significant technical, environmental, social, archaeological and political risks" with the lagoon's location with the Mill Creek Sewage Lagoon location. Also mentioned are concerns about odour, the historical value of the site, the difficulty and costs associated with building an access road, tourism development impacts, and "no formal consultation process with residents of Beaver Mines or landowners directly affected". So far 9 people have 'signed' the petition online.

MD resident Cornell Van Ryk has repeatedly criticized the Beaver Mines water/watewater planning process, appearing as a delegation before council on numerous occasions and writing letters published on the Pincher Creek Voice about his concerns. In the comments section of the petition he writes "There are far better and cheaper alternatives to building a wastewater lagoon on a gravel bed at the confluence of two streams."

Resident* Lynn Calder writes "There are serious technical, environmental concerns with this location and there are better and cheaper options available which the MD has chosen to ignore."

*Corrected for accuracy, Calder was speaking as a private citizen, not as a representative for an organization.

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