Wednesday, December 20, 2017

2017 Winter Lights awards winners announced

Residential winner - 552 Main Street - Tanya Soveran and Cory Bowen (house photos by Kathleen Hancock)
C.Davis/T.Lucas - The Town of Pincher Creek and Pincher Creek Communities In Bloom once again promoted beautifying the community with a Christmas Decorating Challenge this season. Judges toured the community on November 29 to look at businesses and December 6 to look at residences. Some decorators missed the deadline, but were thanked at the presentation for their efforts to brighten up the community. This was the sixth year of the event. A Social event with snacks and refreshments and presentations to the winners was held at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village on the evening of December 13.
Some of the winners with judges and organizers at Dec. 13 presentation event

At the awards presentation Diane Burt-Stuckey spoke about the annual Communities in Bloom program Picher Creek has been involved in for many years.  "We actually competed in International last year. We could hardly believe we were at that level."

"I think that's what our committee really is committed to; Making our community better for us as citizens, for visitors who come to our community, and it really is for our benefit and enjoyment all the time, but it really puts our community on the map."

"Certainly it's fun to do a seasonal thing like the Winter lights, and what a great turnout, thank you to everyone for coming."

Marie Everts awarded the Business awards.  "There were new displays after the judging, but it was great to see everyone participating."

2017 Winter Lights Winners

Residential First Place: Tanya Soveran holding Sharyea Bowen, presenter Diane Burt-Stuckey, and Cory Bowen, 552 Main Street

Residential winners:
1st: Tanya Soveran and Cory Bowen, 552 Main Street
2nd: Eric and Myrna Wright, 320 Canyon Drive
3rd: Tracey Damberger, 592 Main Street

Best Grouping: Gary and Wendy McAllister, 853 Wilderness Avenue, 
Ken and Pat Friesen, 864 Wilderness Avenue, Larry and Angela Burns, 876 Wilderness Avenue

Honorable Mention: Brenda Heisler, 105 Greensway Bay,
Gordon and Lorri Mackintosh, 971 Maple Street,
Ed and Val Sinnott, 314 Pineridge Way

Business winners:
1st: Dexter Oilfield Inc.
2nd: Two Sisters Magik Pantry
3rd: Good Samaritans Vista Village

Honorable Mention: Leaping Lizards Pet Supply, Nineteen 89

Residential Second Place - 320 Canyon Drive - Eric & Myrna Wright

Residential Third Place - 592 Main Street - Tracey Damberger
Marie Everts and Diane Burt-Stuckey at the presentation event

Best Grouping: Wendy and Gary McAllister, 853 Wilderness Avenue

Honourable Mention: Val and Ed Sinnott, 314 Pineridge Way

Residential 2nd: Eric (pictured with Diane Burt-Stuckey) and Myrna Wright, 320 Canyon Drive

Marie Everts

Honorable Mention: Leaping Lizards Pet Supply

Honorable Mention: Nineteen 89

Business Second Place: Two Sisters Magik Pantry
Businees First Place: Dexter Oilfield Inc.

Communities in Bloom representative and judge Kathleen Hancock

Communities in Bloom representative and judge John Hancock

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