Monday, December 11, 2017

All Piikani Nation members to receive $5000 per capita lease claim settlement Dec. 13-15

Chris Davis - The Piikani Nation will be distributing a $50 million settlement from the Government of Canada December 13 to 15. According to a Piikani Nation press release, the settlement resulted from a 2005 Specific Claim that alleged Canada mismanaged grazing leases on Indian Reserve 147 (now called Piikani 147) from 1989 to 1943. Negotiations began in 2015, and on September 7, 2017 the Government of Canada offered Piikani Nation the $50 million settlement. Piikani Nation will not be asked to surrender or release and reserve lands as part of the settlement.

Piikani Nation members agreed on October 18 to accept the settlement and distribute it as $5000 per capita payments to all Piikani Nation members, including minor children.

According to the Piikani Nation website and Ratification Officer Marvin Yellow Horn, 1001 Piikani Nation members voted on the settlement agreement, out of a population of 2638 eligible voters. 775 voted in favor of ratifying the agreement, 191 voted against, and 35 ballots were either rejected or spoiled.

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  1. As a member of the Piikani Nation, why wasn't I or my family members notified of this vote, nor received any distribution?


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