Monday, December 11, 2017

Letter: Requesting Kenow Fire accountability

Duncan Edmonds - First and foremost: Thank you, Pat Whitmyer for your incredibly informative letter to the editor. You certainly did your research!  I apologize in advance, my letter will not be nearly as articulate or witty as Pat’s.

First and foremost I must bring to the attention of all the fact that the MD’s Kenow Fire Report is dated November 6, 2017 – three full weeks prior to it being released to the public. Why? What was being done during that time? Is it outreaching to conceive that said report was undergoing some thorough editing and whitewashing? I’m really not going out on a limb here… Recall the notes on the November 7th meeting of the MD Council, published by our very own Chris Davis, and I quote “MD Director of Finance Janene Felker, who was sitting in for CAO Wendy Kay, said the report had indeed been received the day before but was in draft form, had been sent back for tweaks…”

And with that, I encourage all residents to pressure our Councillors for the public release of the ORIGINAL Kenow Fire Debrief.

Speaking of Council, WHERE ARE YOU? The CAO contract is about to appear on the Council agenda for the THIRD time Tuesday, December 12. Does it remain unclear to you that your residents are not pleased with the present practices of the organization? Are you a representative of the community who elected you into your current position or are you standing up for an administrator who continues to disrespect citizens, other agencies and her own staff? I understand that a public “letter to the editor” may not be the most appropriate avenue for these questions, but as Pat Whitmyer brought to our attention, it is perhaps the only approach that cannot be intercepted by the CAO.

To make myself absolutely clear: the torches have been lit!

Please proceed with the best interest of the people in mind. It’s time for a change.

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