Wednesday, December 20, 2017

MD of Pincher Creek's fire suppression costs surged in 2017

Chris Davis - At their November 28 meeting council for the MD of Pincher Creek approved a recommendation by Director of Finance Janene Felker that a transfer of $40,000 from the Mill Rate Stabilization Reserve be approved to cover a 2017 over-expenditure on fire costs. According to Felker, "Due to the extremely dry and hot summer, there were a number of fires that took place within the MD and the account associated with these fire suppression cost is over budget for 2017."

"Invoices are received from Pincher Creek Emergency Services for all fires that are not covered by insurance. These invoices are always paid by the MD and sometimes the costs are attributed back to the landowner. The times where costs are invoiced back to the landowners are when there was no fire permit, the permit conditions were not met, or a lack of awareness by the landowner. To date there have been 22 invoices received for a total of $91,900, 4 incidents invoiced back to the landowner for $11 ,400, creating a net expense of $80,500. The budget for that account for 2017 is $40,000."

During discussion with council Felker clarified that the expenditures were only for fires fought and extinguished within the MD.  She also said the invoice from Pincher Creek Emergency Services has already been paid.

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