Sunday, December 3, 2017

Wanted: Someone to share Christmas

Joyce Sasse - Being single, and always living in small family-centred communities, I’m most grateful when one of those families invites me to share Christmas dinner with them. That was the same tradition my mom followed – including all the “strays” and extending the table to fit more people.

Therapeutic songster Deanna Edwards tells about seeing a small ad in the local paper. It read “Wanted: one family to share Christmas dinner with. I will furnish the turkey.”

Edwards put words and music to that request and imprinted on all who heard how important it is to keep alert, even in our time of bustle, to those whose situations are so different.

I think of times when I’ve seen well wishers drop a poinsettia off at the door of a tiny home where no guest has taken time to visit for the last month. The emptiness is made even more hollow because of excessive talk of good cheer on the TV.

In another place I watched members of a Church Board decide to make a Christmas tape for each of their shut-ins. Each participant gave a reading or shared a memory. Songsters they weren’t. But they did their best. Then each went to visit one of the parishioners to share that tape and a cup of tea. Such a wonderful experience for everyone involved!

In writing her melancholic song about the lonely person, Edwards wanted to inspire people to express more love in the world, not only at Christmas but through the whole year.

Each week I find myself running through an imaginary check-list of people who might not otherwise have had their phone ring for days, nor a visitor entre their home. What a treasure when someone brings some cheers and shares a few stories and prayers. All are reminders that we live in the presence of God.

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