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2017 CBSA highlights from southern Alberta

99.5 kilograms of suspected cocaine seized at Coutts on December 2
Canada Border Services Agency - As 2017 draws to a close, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is highlighting top stories from its border operations in southern Alberta.
Four handguns seized at Chief Mountain on July 3
Protecting Canadians

· On December 2, CBSA officers at Coutts intercepted a commercial vehicle carrying 84 bricks of suspected cocaine. This was the largest suspected cocaine seizure recorded by the CBSA in Alberta. Had the 99.5 kilograms seized been street-ready, it would have been enough for over 100,000 hits.

· CBSA officers in southern Alberta seized more than 50 undeclared firearms, including more than 30 handguns. Officers at Chief Mountain found four handguns in a pickup truck on July 3. Also of note, a seven-gun seizure made at Coutts on April 7 resulted in a $15,000 court fine on September 22.

· Officers made more than 120 arrests for various reasons including impaired driving, smuggling of prohibited goods, and outstanding warrants. When the subject of a warrant seeks entry to Canada, the CBSA will enforce the warrant as directed by the issuing agency.

Ember and his handler

Representing Canada with above-and-beyond service

· An officer at Coutts helped two visitors to Canada track down a lost wallet: “Your agent helped us to appreciate even more your country and your people,” one wrote.

· Officers at Carway found that a traveller’s licence plate had been stolen and swapped with one from a missing vehicle. They contacted police and helped arrange for a replacement plate: “The team did a great job,” wrote the traveller, “and I really wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for making this very unfortunate experience as good as they possibly could have.”

· An officer at Carway assisted two clients struggling to hitch a trailer: “I have never had such a positive experience at a border crossing in any country,” one wrote. “It made me so proud to see the kind of attitude that welcomes citizens home and visitors to our country.”


“As a professional law enforcement agency, the CBSA in Alberta is unwavering in its commitment to serve and protect Canadians. We take great pride in knowing that by securing the border, we are making our communities safer.”

Guy Rook
Director, Southern Alberta and Southern Saskatchewan District
Canada Border Services Agency

Quick Facts

· CBSA officers in southern Alberta are on track to process more than 1,000,000 travellers this year.

· The Chief Mountain border crossing temporarily closed between September 12 and September 20 due to the advancement of the Kenow Fire in Waterton Lakes National Park.

· Detector Dog Ember, a Labrador retriever, started his CBSA career on November 24. Ember is trained to detect narcotics and firearms, and his keen sense of smell is already being put to use across southern Alberta.

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