Tuesday, January 30, 2018

History Week coming to Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village

KBPV Education Coordinator Gord Tolton
Toni Lucas - Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village KBPV will host a Southern Alberta Museum Association Symposium the week of February 11-16. "I like the idea of networking, getting like-minded people to sit down and have more than coffee," explained KBPV Education Coordinator Gord Tolton.  The event is a chance to network, promote local museum and interpretive sites, and engage with experts about the challenges faced by museum professionals while showcasing the area to others in the museum and tourism field.

Tolton is excited by the many events and different topics which will be addressed, from publishing, dealing with fire-arms correctly, theft, intake and presentation, volunteerism, and First Nation collections as a few subjects. "There is a really broad scope of what is being offered to the museum community." The general public is welcome to contact the museum if they have an interest and sign up for some of the workshops or speakers.

For more information, contact Gord Tolton at KBPV -  (403) 627-3684

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