Friday, January 19, 2018

Revised Pincher Creek curling rink site plan drawing released

Jonathan Skrimshire -
The revised site plan drawing for the proposed new Pincher Creek curling rink has been released. The plan depicts a four or optionally six sheet rink. The rink structure is to be sited on the field north of the Multi-Purpose Facility, aligned on a north-south axis parallel with Robertson Avenue. Following the demolition of the existing rink, the area between the Arena and the disused Sobey's building is to be developed into an 81 stall parking lot. The existing parking area east of the library is to be reconfigured into a one way 32 stall loop. In addition, 12 angle parking stalls are to be provided adjacent to the proposed rink structure.

The rink structure has been shifted north from the position depicted in the previously released drawing, reducing encroachment on the Spray Park. The parking lot extending west of the building into the playing field area has been removed. Impact on the green space area has thereby been greatly reduced. Nonetheless, the resulting field will no longer be of sufficient size to be used as a soccer pitch.

The revised drawing will be presented for review and comment to both Pincher Creek Town Council and Council for the Municipal District of Pincher Creek at their forthcoming meetings of January 22 and 23, respectively.

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