Thursday, February 8, 2018

Airdrie RCMP caution drivers due to today’s poor road conditions

Highway 3 at Cowley this morning
RCMP Alberta - As a result of heavy snowfall, Airdrie RCMP would like to caution drivers with regards to today’s road conditions.

Southern Alberta is experiencing a large amount of snowfall and road conditions are not favourable for travel. Currently, roads in the Airdrie area are snow-covered and slippery. Visibility on the roads is also poor due to falling snow. These conditions are expected to last most of today.

Emergency crews have already responded to several collisions and stuck vehicles. Please slow down and give the emergency crews plenty of room to work.

Airdrie RCMP encourage people to stay off the roads today and if you absolutely must be on them, exercise extreme caution and give yourself lots of time.

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