Thursday, February 15, 2018

Pincher Creek school bus involved in collision

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On Tuesday February 13 at 3:40 pm a Pincher Creek area school bus was involved in a collision with  an automobile.  According to a report from Matthew Halton High School, all students and the driver were unharmed.  From the report: "The bus, which was travelling southbound from Pincher Creek, was moving at reduced speed through blowing snow and slushy conditions when it collided with the other vehicle, which then rolled into the embankment. The bus driver managed to keep the bus on the road temporarily until a field approach could be used to move the bus into a safer location. Emergency medical services were called and all students on the bus were checked out by EMT personnel and found to be safe and well. Another school bus was dispatched and the students were taken to hospital as per First Student (bus service) protocols. Parents were then contacted and the children were picked up at the hospital."

"It is believed that weather was a factor in the collision."

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