Monday, February 26, 2018

Wild winter weather in Pincher Creek, February 2018

Misty Afdahl photos

Here's a collection of photos and videos from last week's extreme winter weather event in the Pincher Creek area.  If you want in on this, it's not too late - send your photos and videos to .
Tammy Jensen Jack photo

It wasn't just people who were snowed in! - Laurie Ann Hofer

Afternoon February 23 on Florence St. Pincher Creek - Joanne Wittkopf

South of Cowley - Karen Clymer

North hill Pincher Creek west of Ranchland Mall - Alyssa Cameron

Alyssa Cameron photo
"The snow piled up another few feet in my backyard after this was shot."

Snow drifts on north hill west of Ranchland Mall - Alyssa Cameron

Winter haven - Sam Valin

Stop sign in Cowley Feb. 22-26, 2018 - T. Lucas
Semis sheltering at Ranchland Mall Feb. 23 - C. Davis
It wasn't just people who were snowed in! - Laurie Ann Hofer
Garrett LeGrow photo
Jody Randall photo
Pincher Station - Vanessa Sparks-Pomreinke

Brain Boldt photo

Submitted by Bonnie Kaack

From Cowley to Pincher Creek at approximately 2:30 pm February 23, Highway 3 and Highway 6 - C. Davis

Bruce Buckingham rubbing it in - Kim Buckingham photo

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