Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Extreme wind travel advisory

Update: Highway 22 has reopened to travel north of Highway 3. Winds remain at a speed that can impact holiday trailers and semis, particularly those with empty trailers. Drivers of these vehicles are encouraged to delay travel until winds have further reduced.

Turner Valley, Crowsnest Pass RCMP - RCMP in Crowsnest Pass and Turner Valley are advising of semi tractor-trailer units of extreme wind in the area which has resulted in several semi rollovers.

Winds are reported to be reaching 130km/h in some areas which can result in large vehicles like semi tractor-trailers or holiday trailers being flipped or blow off the road. In addition, the wind has caused blowing snow and icy conditions.

RCMP from Crownsnest Pass and Turner Valley detachments have responded to serval vehicles and four semis that have rolled or entered the ditch due to wind today on Highway 22.

As a result, Highway 22 has been closed from Highway 3 north to Highway 533. Highway maintenance crews are on scene and monitoring conditions. The closure is expected to remain in effect until winds die down.

Drivers of large vehicles hauling trailers should consider delaying travel until wind speeds die down.

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