Friday, April 27, 2018

Community Grant Writer announced

  • Liza Dawber of Inspired Approach Grants Consulting to begin contract work in mid May 2018.

Press release - The Pincher Creek Community Development Initiative (PCCDI) has announced that they have awarded a one-year contract to Ms. Liza Dawber of Inspired Approach Grants Consulting for services related to grant writing and capacity building for local Community Service Organizations (CSOs). PCCDI will manage the Grant Writer position through its partnership with the Southwest Alberta Sustainable Community Initiative (SASCI).

Sam Schofield, Chair of the PCCDI Steering Committee, commented "We have established this Grant Writer position to help our local non-profits and community organizations find more sources of grant funding and to leverage them better. This will help them respond to needs and opportunities more effectively and efficiently and to improve their operational sustainability. Our broader objective is to build community resilience. The services of the Grant Writer will be available to local governments and local small businesses as well."

Celesa Horvath, Board Chair of SASCI, emphasized, "Ensuring that community service organizations can continue delivering much-needed services is vital to our community's long-term environmental and social well-being and economic prosperity. We welcome the opportunity to partner with PCCDI to advance this important capacity-building initiative."

Said Liza Dawber of Inspired Approach Grant Consulting, "I am looking forward to assisting the community in achieving many of their goals. Through collaboration and imagination, Pincher Creek and area is uniquely positioned for great things. I am excited for the opportunity to be a part of the community."

PCCDI will host a public meeting in early June to introduce the PCCDI Steering Committee and the Grant Writer initiative, and to welcome Ms. Dawber to the community.

About Pincher Creek Community Development Initiative (PCCDI)

A group of volunteers in the Pincher Creek area began rallying interest and support in late 2017 for a full-time Grant Writer to serve the community. The group secured funding commitments from the Town of Pincher Creek; the M.D. of Pincher Creek; the Pincher Creek & Area Early Childhood Coalition; the Pincher Creek Family Centre; the Pincher Creek & District Chamber of Commerce; and the Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek. They also secured funding from Shell Canada Ltd. for a program under the Grant Writer position to actively engage local CSOs, and to help them improve their capacities for partnering and for finding and securing grant funding.

The group established PCCDI to oversee the Grant Writer initiative and to partner with SASCI, with the goal of making the Grant Writer position permanent.

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