Friday, April 20, 2018

MD of Pincher Creek warns of potential for overland flooding

Castle River during 2013 flood event (Brent and Gloria Barbero photo)

The MD of Pincher Creek has published a warning about the potential for overland flooding in the next few weeks. "A great deal of our neighboring municipalities in Southern Alberta are experiencing overland flooding within their boundaries. Due to our topography, the MD of Pincher Creek has not experienced significant overland flooding to date."

According to the release, "The weather forecasted in the next few weeks may result in a significant melt of the existing snowpack.  Residents should prepare for dealing with overland water flows that will pool in low areas and may cause dangerous situations where it is flowing. MD roads will continue to be soft and may be crossed by floodwaters where flow exceeds culvert capacity."

Citizens are advised to avoid heavy loads when possible, and "do not travel through water that is crossing roads."

The MD is providing unfilled sandbags to its residents. Residents can report any flooding or ask for unfilled sandbags by calling 403-627-3130.

Southern Alberta flooding (from Alberta Emergency Alert)

Vulcan County has declared a State of Local Emergency due to melting snow creating overland flooding. "Multiple roads in the County remain closed." Travellers are advised to "use extreme caution on all roads as some areas may not be marked as closed yet."   "Do NOT travel through water covered roads, there may be hidden hazards. Do NOT drive on roads that are barricaded or closed. Be cautious of rising water levels." 

In the Taber area currently "Many roads are still impacted due to the overland flooding." That's a slight improvement from April 14, when a large amount of water was travelling across land, leading to localized flooding near roads and intersections.

At Siksika Nation "Melting snow is leading to overland flooding, water flowing over and possibly eroding roadways. Multiple roads within the Siksika Nation are being accessed and closed. Alternate routes should be taken, use extreme caution on all roads as some areas may not be marked as closed yet."

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