Friday, April 20, 2018

Outdoor Recreation Coalition of Alberta approves of Porcupine Hills and Livingstone plans

Outdoor Recreation Coalition of Alberta - Various groups of outdoor recreationists, comprising of climbers, skiers, ice climbers, hikers, mountain bikers, and others, approve the draft Porcupine Hills and Livingstone management plans.  The groups and individuals supporting the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of Alberta (ORCA) are supportive of low impact and sustainable activities within the Alberta landscape.

The ministry of Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) have released two draft management plans for the Livingstone – Porcupine Hills region of southern Alberta that show the willingness to help address some of the concerns regarding land usage in both areas, and to increase the recreational opportunities for other groups that enjoy the ability to recreate outdoors. The Land Footprint Management Plan (LFMP) and the Recreation Management Plan (RMP) aim to manage human disturbance on public lands in the region.

Both the LFMP and RMP propose to manage the landscape as a Public Land Use Zone (PLUZ), which will have sustainable motorized trails in certain areas, will help reduce user-conflicts with other recreational users that seek to enjoy the regions responsibly.

ORCA was a participant in the multi-day stakeholder consultation phase of the plans as part of the Southwest Alberta Recreation Advisory Group, which included ranchers, landowners, municipalities, scientists, conservation organizations, off-highway vehicle clubs and other recreation groups.

Upon review of the draft plans in detail, alongside the proposed maps, ORCA is confident that the plans have achieved their objective of meeting the needs of all users, while reducing the impact of the outdoor activities.

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