Sunday, April 15, 2018

So much pain

Joyce Sasse - So much pain has emerged with the Humboldt Hockey Bus disaster – like a primordial cry!

But we also have been able to witness immediate response from across the country and around the world. Prayers... texting... hockey alumnus... funding campaigns being established... support mechanisms put in place...

Disasters invite this kind of response. Each time, we hope there will never be another. Each time, we try to learn how to be better prepared. Each time, when incidents like wild fires and flood, accidents, catastrophes and the like happen in rural areas, we know volunteers will be among the first responders. We know, too, that community members are the ones who will remain there for the long run. All of us contribute, and all of us need the support of each other.

Oft time, these days, church folk sigh in despair because of dwindling numbers in the Sunday pews. But we have so much to offer. It is the Christ-like love let loose in the world that lies at the base of all the out-pouring of compassion and support.

The Western Producer Newspaper’s Barb Glen writes about a tremendous Innovation Revolution happening in the agricultural industry. She reminds us we are innovative not only in terms of technology and the economics of business, but in the daily spiritual lives of the people.

This is a significant reminder that our churches, one of the vital corner-posts of the community, needs to keep abreast of what’s happening in each community. Generational changes are to be expected. The need is to keep evolving.

Invite our young people to share stories about impacts occurring in their lives. Florida High School students are not the only ones who have a lot to say.

Invite parents to talk about how important their community is to them – and how they are organizing fund-raisers and building campaigns and are trying to initiate changes in legislation … They are trying to “give back” for the good of the whole.

Find opportunity to discover how Christ has been “let loose in the world”, beyond church walls. The Church is not irrelevant. Evidence shows us it, and the need for it, is more relevant than ever.

“Be not afraid!” As we come together to share our pain we discover meaningful ways to be there for each other. Giving hugs, leaving the porch light on, putting a hockey stick on the step, offering our prayers … All are expressions of HOPE. Beyond the pain, life does go on!

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