Friday, April 27, 2018

Swann calls for greater public education on cannabis health effects after hundreds of Calgary cannabis retail applications

Press release - Alberta Liberal MLA David Swann is calling for more public education on the health effects of cannabis after more than 220 cannabis retail applications were made in less than 24 hours to the City of Calgary.  Dr. Swann stated, “With an avalanche of applications on the first day its clear entrepreneurs believe Albertans are interested in this product. What isn’t clear is that the public has enough information on the health impact of cannabis.

“Albertans need the facts on the risks of cannabis use, for both their own personal health and safety and to reduce the broader costs to society from misuse.

“I’m especially concerned for Albertans under 25. Cannabis use has a detrimental effect on a developing brain according to Ottawa’s public health agency. Brain development occurs until roughly 25.

“I believe the NDP Government must put forward a robust cannabis health education program in our schools. They should also be considering a targeted online campaign for adults aged 18-25 supplemented with initiatives on Alberta’s post-secondary campuses.

Under current legislation Pot Shops can be set up near schools if they are at least 150 meters away from the property line.

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