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Town of Pincher Creek councillors attend tribute dinner for Beverly McLachlin

Councillor Brian McGillivray and Councillor Korbett, of the Town of Pincher Creek, had the privilege of attending the Tribute Dinner for the Right Honourable Beverley  held in Vancouver Friday, April 27, 2018.

Town of Pincher Creek Councillor Brian McGillivray

Scott and I had the wonderful opportunity of representing the Town of Pincher Creek at the Tribute Dinner in Honour of the Right Honourable Beverly McLachlin, PC, Chief Justice of Canada.  At a reception before the actual event, we made a special presentation to Her Honour. My remarks appear below:

Right Honorable Beverly McLachlin, Honored Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen:

I’m Brian McGillivray and with me is Scott Korbett. We are councillors from the Town of Pincher Creek, Alberta; a beautiful town, the center of adventure, and the original home of Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin. We are deeply honored to have been selected to bring greetings and sincere best wishes for a wonderful retirement.

Our town is presenting Her Honour a model of our new way-finding signs. This program, which is about to be installed throughout Pincher Creek, will enable visitors to “find their way” around our wonderful town. We thought it only fitting Chief Justice McLachlin receive the first one; a model of the street named in her honour.

Yesterday as I pondered what I should say on this special occasion, I drove down Beverly McLachlin drive to the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village to seek words of wisdom from Farley Wuth, the curator and historian of our area. 

As I crested the hill, the Rocky Mountains majestically came into view all dressed in formal white and I thought we are so fortunate to be able to live here and I clearly understand just why her Honour is so proud of her roots.

This book, which we are presenting on behalf of the Kootenai Brown Pioneer Museum, contains a section on the Chief Justice and the Gietz house, which was moved and relocated onto the museum grounds. For those who may not be aware, this home belonged to the Chief Justice’s Aunt and Uncle and was a home where she spent many hours as a youngster and I am sure she has many fond memories.

On behalf of our Mayor, who sends his regrets for not being able to attend this event due to a medical issue, our Council, the citizens of Pincher Creek and the Municipal District of Pincher Creek #9 – WE ALL wish you a wonderful retirement experience. We truly do not have the appropriate words to express how very proud we are of you, your achievements and the fact that we are your home town.

Your Honour, please accept our invitation to come home to visit anytime! And, by the way, we know you can ride a horse and we invite you to ride one as the Parade Marshall of our 2018 Rodeo Parade on August 18 of this year. A formal invitation will be sent shortly.

Thank you.

Her Honour was delighted with our presentation and appreciated our words of congratulation and the gifts we presented her. She has stated she will come “home” to Pincher Creek in August to be our Parade Marshall if her schedule permits.

Scott and I had the pleasure after the presentation to meet many of the most important members of the Canadian Judiciary. We enjoyed extolling the virtues of our town and area to members of the Supreme Court of Canada and many of their provincial counterparts. Each of them was interested and many were familiar with our area.

We were seated at one of the four head tables and shared memorable conversations with the Chief Justice of New Zealand, the Honourable Sheila Martin of the Supreme Court of Canada and Chief Justice Catherine Fraser of Alberta to name but three.

Pincher Creek was mentioned several times throughout the evening’s festivities and even mentioned as a special thank you for our attendance during Her Honour’s concluding address. The Chief Justice also referenced the fact she is aware of six judges who have originated from the Pincher Creek area. That is quite a feat for a small rural area in Alberta. By the end of the evening, Pincher Creek had been firmly planted in the minds of the over 1,200 attendees of this event – we are becoming famous!

Brian McGillivray
Councillor of the Town of Pincher Creek

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