Sunday, May 20, 2018

Diversity is God’s gift

Joyce Sasse - The puppeteer enacted her story by wearing an orange glove on one hand and a lime-green one on the other. With her two hands outstretched, she imitated youngsters passing a ball back-and-forth in the park.

They laughed and giggled and enjoyed playing together. Then, when one player missed his catch and ran for the ball, he found a mirror. Looking in the mirror he noticed the other player was different from himself. How could an orange puppet possibly play with a lime-green one?

With disgust he set a brick in the middle of the play field as a visual obstacle. His partner, overcome with feelings of frustration, responded like-wise by placing a second brick on the first.

The wall got higher and higher, till neither puppet could see the other one... Then they were sad because there was no one to laugh with and catch the ball.

Eventually the puppeteer spoke and asked the two what was wrong? Why were they so sad? “He’s different than me!” wailed the right hand. “And I can’t play with some one that looks like that!” wailed the left hand.

“Now look here”, the puppeteer scolded. “Does it matter if you are different? I’m your creator and I made each of you like you are. I made one orange because I like orange. I made the other lime-green because I like lime-green.” He sighed and continued. “You are both a part of me. Feel my arm, my shoulder, my head.” Each puppet felt up from one wrist and across the face, to discover each was connected to the other along the extended arms. Each came from the same source. “There’s no reason for either of you to dislike or resent the other.”

Gradually the two puppets relaxed a little and recognized a bit of the truth. Slowly they knocked down the barrier they had thoughtlessly erected and went back to enjoying their fun games.

When we are tempted to judge another, remember the two puppets and their Creator. Diversity is God’s gift to us.

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