Friday, May 25, 2018

Pincher Creek RCMP to host Bike Rodeo May 31


Wear the Gear 2017 file photo with Bicycle winners Zachary Clinton and Ethan Maier up front

Pincher Creek RCMP - The spring season is the perfect opportunity to hit the road on your bike. The RCMP are offering a friendly reminder to be aware of bikes and riders. Bike riders are also encouraged to be mindful of their own actions.

Pincher Creek Bike Rodeo

On May 31, 2018, for the fourth consecutive year, there will be a Bike Rodeo held at the MCC Arena in Pincher Creek. The Pincher Creek Bike Rodeo is the finale of a month-long event called “Wear the Gear” that teaches children how to stay safe while riding their bikes.

Between May 1, 2018 and May 31, 2018, Pincher Creek Emergency Services will conduct patrols in the communities of Pincher creek, Beaver Mines, Cowley and Lundbreck. Children wearing helmets while riding their bikes or scooters will receive a “ticket” as reinforcement for good behaviour.

The Bike Rodeo is a big celebration for bike safety. Several prevention activities will be held such as helmet inspection, a track set up with different stations to teach bike safety rules, bikes tune-ups, BBQ and much more.

Safety is the #1 priority so here are some bike safety reminders.

Safety reminders for cyclists:

- Cyclists under the age of 18 must wear an approved bicycle helmet.

- Always make eye contact with vehicle drivers to make sure you have been seen.

- A cyclist must follow the rules of the road like drivers of other vehicles.

- Ride single-file in the direction of traffic, and watch for opening car doors and other hazards

- Use hand signals when turning and use extra care at intersections

- Keep both hands on the hand grips except when hand signalling

- Be sure the bicycle has brakes that work well.

- For cycling after dark, equip the bicycle with at least one headlamp (but not more than two), one red tail lamp, and at least one red reflector mounted on the rear of the bicycle. Wear bright and reflective clothing.

Safety reminders for vehicle drivers:

- Always make eye contact with the cyclist to make sure you have been seen

- When passing a cyclist, change lanes like you would for other vehicles

- When you are preparing to turn right, watch for cyclists to your right

- Remember to do a shoulder check to your blind spots to \ the right

- Be alert for children on bicycles. They may lack the necessary knowledge and skills for safe cycling around traffic, and may not be aware of all the dangers. Children on oversized bicycles are at risk of losing control.

The RCMP is encouraging parents and children to attend this rodeo!

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