Saturday, May 12, 2018

Spring tonic

Joyce Sasse - OLDSTER ALERT! I have a recommendation for how to enjoy an invigorating dose of spring tonic. Seek out a young person and ask them how they are doing.

I recently drove into the countryside to visit with 30-year-old Alex. I wanted to know about his coming back to live in his grandparent’s house.

He talked about getting his journeyman’s certification in carpentry, then moving out-of-province to work with cement and stone-masonry. 

As he explored his Saskatchewan digs, he also connected with other aspiring musicians. For a while their band allowed him to test some creative ventures.

He recognized he might even have “a calling” – that of putting his thoughts into words, then having opportunity to share those songs with others.

Values first learned at home were something he could share with teenage want-a-be musicians through a government-sponsored program called “Creative Entrepreneurship”. Be practical! Stay within your means! Think about sustainable ways of using your resources! Do what you can afford! Someone else might say “Don’t try to build a champagne world on a beer income”.

Now, his grin was from ear-to-ear - “I’m going to be a dad!” Both he and his partner agree that “having a baby makes it so you have a reason to try to do better.”

At home, he’s making changes in the old house. Musically, he’s working on his own - cataloguing his music, self-promoting the occasional gig and always looking to find the right words for new songs.

What more pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Too often oldsters get in their rut of grumbling about “those darn kids”. My recommendation is to seek a few of them out. Ask where they’ve been? What are they doing. How do they see the world unfolding?

It’s a great way to be revitalized by a dose of tonic. It’s also a way of telling them we are entrusting the world in good hands.

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