Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Town of Pincher Creek donates $1,000 to Rough Runner event

Toni Lucas - Council for the Town of Pincher Creek met for their regular meeting on MondayMay 14.Wildrose Rough Runner Race (WILDR Rough Runner) Director Alecia Williams requested the Town of Pincher Creek sponsor an 'Elk' level donation to the race of $1,000. During her presentation, she explained this is the fourth year of the race and it has grown each year. This year they project 200 participants, 70% of whom are expected to be non-residents in the local area. Williams said non-local people are projected to spend approximately $350 each while in the local area including the race itself, accommodations, food, and fuel.  For the first time, this year the event is being expanded to two days, June 1-2, with events held at Castle Mountain.

Events include a 100 metre vertical sprint up Whiskeyjack Trail, a trail run, and an obstacle course race. "Our main goal has always been, and continues to be, to get people active outside, and visiting our community," Williams said last year the Town sponsored $700 and the use of the Wellness tent and other infrastructure. After her presentation council discussed the request.
Councillor Scott Korbett said he was concerned that WILDR Rough Runner is a for-profit event. He said approving the donation would set a precedent for other commercial enterprises to make similar requests to council.  

Councillor Brian McGillivray disagreed. "This is something that is an extraordinary event, is going to bring in some revenue and if we didn't come here, probably would be brought somewhere else."

 "So while it is a for-profit business, it also has an auxiliary benefit to the Town, different from Walmart, or another store," continued McGillivray.

Mayor Don Anderberg referred to other council decisions made earlier in the day to include informing the MD of Pincher Creek in requests made to Town Council and request the MD's assistance with cost sharing. "It actually takes part in the jurisdiction of the MD of Pincher Creek, and (should be) included in the letter we are going to write about the 'Wear the Gear Event' and the Allied Arts Council," said Anderberg.  "I would like to request $500 (from the MD)."

Council unanimously voted to approve the request for $1,000, with the friendly amendment that the Town requests the MD of Pincher Creek be notified of the situation and asked to invest in half of the cost requested to the Town if they are not approached separately by WILDR Rough Runner for funding.

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