Friday, June 29, 2018

Pincher Creek Airport house to be removed

Chris Davis - At their June 26, 2018 regular meeting council for the MD of Pincher Creek decided to approve a motion by Councillor Brian Hammond to put the house located at the Pincher Creek Airport up for tender, as is where is, with no offer necessarily accepted, and with the condition that it must be removed from the site.  The decision came after an unflattering report on the structure's condition from Director of Operations Leo Reedyk.  Council also briefly discussed potential security issues at the airport with no one living on site, but there seemed to be a consensus that security is a separate issue.  CAO Sheldon  Steinke recommended council task administration with security plan options for future consideration.  Councillor Terry Yagos made a successful motion to that effect.

According to Reedyk's report, "The Airport house transferred to the Municipal District with the Airport in 1995. The Municipal District has contracted Cralyn Property Management to manage the rental of the house to tenants.  On May 31, 2018, the house was vacated by the last tenant.  Following the notice from Cralyn Property Management, staff were toured through the house to determine if work on the home would be required prior to renting to new tenants."

That tour revealed a number of issues including mold, the condition of the bathroom and windows, broken cupboards, a broken range hood, holes in the drywall, and a need to "remove all rug and replace with laminate", at  professionally estimated cost $6,429.41, not including painting the interior.  "

"Also noted on the tour was the cistern would require cleaning, a water pressure system is required, new keys are required, the exterior of the home is not properly sealed including the remaining windows and the septic system is not operating properly.  The Septic system failure has resulted in wastewater infiltration in the basement.

The occupancy of the home over the years has promoted airport security as an appearance of someone being home may have deterred individuals from causing problems.  The current rental has netted the Municipality $300 per month."

"Cralyn Property Management has indicated  they have someone  interested  in renting  the home. If Council feels that security of that airport is required, a fence or video surveillance project could be initiated.  Given the age of the home, the repairs required and the mold and wastewater issues, ensuring a safe home for rental purposes may not be feasible."

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