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Pincher Creek Emergency Services 2017 Awards

Chris Davis - Pincher Creek Emergency Services held their  2017 awards event on Friday evening June 22 at the Pincher |Creek Fire Hall.  The Elks prepared a roast beef dinner for the first responders, administrative staff, family members, and dignitaries present for the event.  Chief David Cox and his wife Deputy Chief (retired) Margaret Cox were honoured for 20 years of service to PCES, and Margaret was also awarded for Exemplary Service, a provincial award and the top honour of the evening.

According to Chief Cox, PCES had a record year for ambulance and fire responses.  In 2017 they responded to over 1300 ambulance calls and approximately 130 fires, including the Kenow fire which required a lot of structure protection in the Castle area, and involved more than 2000 hours of service.

In the past the event has been held in local restaurants or at the Legion.  Deputy Chief Pat Neumann explained the choice of venue this year, saying the hall "encompasses everything that, as a fire department and an integrated service, that we believe in.  That's part of who we are."

"We actually felt it was a nice way to kind of welcome everybody into the family."

PCES Chief Dave Cox, MD Reeve Quentin Stevick, Town Councillor Lorne Jackson, Town Mayor Don Anderberg
Dignitaries in attendance included Town of Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg, MD of Pincher Creek Reeve Quentin Stevick, and Town Councillor Lorne Jackson.  "We trust you with our lives and we appreciate the work you do," said Reeve Stevick.  "We're in this together," said Mayor Anderberg.  "You get a lot of accolades from the citizens. You deserve every one of them."

Pincher Creek Lieutenant/Paramedic Sariah Brasnett received a 12-year provincial award.

Kate Feist, a Captain/EMT working from Pincher Creek Station, received her 5-year award for her service in Pincher Creek and a 12-year award from the province for her accumulated service.

Marg Cox and Kate Feist

Feist also presented Margaret "Marg" Cox with an Exemplary Service award, prefacing the presentation with a short speech about the changed roles of women in the service.  "Margaret started her career over 20 years ago when it really wasn't a woman's role," said Feist.  "As an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) she wasn't allowed to do what the men could do.  My how times have changed!"  Feist said Cox paved the way for the women who followed her into EMS.  "Pincher Creek EMS (Emergency Medical Service) became ALS (Advanced Life Support) with Margaret at the helm.  "Margaret has continued to be an inspiration to all those in her service through her hard work, dedication, and compassion for those she served while doing a job she loved."

Cox also spoke of the challenges she faced in the early years of her career, and of how rewarding it was for her. "It's been a privilege to serve this community." She retired last fall, saying at the time "I love our community, and that is what put me into fire and EMS to start with. I have used the services, and it was a way of me giving back, and I got bit by the bug."  Click here for that story.

Pincher Creek Emergency Services
2017 AWARDS 


Nichole Boissoneault and Kate Feist
Kate Feist Captain/EMT Pincher Creek Station - 5 years 
Ryan Rae paramedic Pincher Creek Station - 5 years
Matt Philips Firefighter Pincher Creek Station - 5 years
Aaron Layton Firefighter Lundbreck Station - 5 years 


Joey Mcleod and Chief David Cox
Joey Mcleod Lieutenant/ EMR Pincher Creek Station - 10 years 
Trish White EMT Pincher Creek Station - 10 years 

Nichole Boissoneault and Deputy Fire Chief Pat Neumann
Nichole Boissoneault Lieutenant/EMT Pincher Creek Station - 10 years 


Chief David Cox and Kate Feist
Kate Feist  - 12 years Captain/ EMT Pincher Creek Station

Chief David Cox and Sariah Brasnett
Sariah Brasnett  - 12 years Lieutenant/ Paramedic Pincher Creek Station


Nichole Boisonneault and Deputy Chief Pat Neumann
Pat Neumann  - 15 years Deputy Chief/EMT Pincher Creek Station


Marg Cox, Pat Neumann, Dave Cox
Marg and Dave Cox


Thornton  Root and Deputy Chief Pat Neumann
Michael Whittington and Deputy Chief Pat Neumann
1. Thornton Root with 162.5 hours, Pincher Creek Station
2. Michael Whittington with 146.5 hours

1. Aaron Layton with 94 hours, Lundbreck Station Station
2. Anne Molnar with 86 hours

1. Allen Tapay with 90 hours, Beaver Mines Station Station
2. Tom Judd with 86 hours


Val Jasmen, 61 hours, Lundbreck Station

Ian Campbell and Pat Neumann
Ian Campbell
Dylan Schill 


Richard Claude ,97, Pincher Creek Stn

Nichole Boissoneault and Kate Feist

Nichole Boissoneault, 67, Pincher Creek Station


Lori Schill
Tammy Jack, Lori Schill


Margaret Cox and Kate Feist
Margaret Cox


Chef Ken Neumann (Pincher Creek Elks)

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