Sunday, June 10, 2018

Remember to pray for yourself

Joyce Sasse - Have you prayed for yourself today?

Those who pray are usually very diligent about praying for the ones they hold dear. They remember family and friends facing health issues. They think about situations where disagreements are tearing relationships apart. Always, they pray for peace …!

But many of us never think to pray for ourselves. It may not be intentional. But it doesn’t need to be something we neglect for the rest of our lives.

In marriage it becomes obvious no one can ever change their spouse, no matter how much “improvement” may be needed. So, too, for the rest of life. Only when an individual chooses to change himself or herself does the real process of transformation become possible.

Which leads us back to thinking about praying for ourselves. Is there a burden we’ve been carrying that is always haunting the fore-front of our thoughts? It can lead to inner turmoil, sleepless nights, angry outbursts, or periods of depression… It could be because we feel inadequate in some way, or we think we’ve let someone down, or maybe we “bit off more than we can chew”.

Our hidden burdens resurface in odd, unexpected ways. We can quickly suppress them and quietly carry on, or we can try to catch hold of shadowy threats. There are yokes we can set aside.

Choosing to change old habits and finding ways to approach life with a more positive attitude doesn’t happen overnight. But starting the journey, knowing as we reach out in prayer that we are not alone, makes all the difference.

“Go placidly amid the noise and hustle …”, the poet wrote. Is it possible? Is it something to aspire to? Within the heart of the Desiderata we read “take kindly the counsel of the years… Do not distress yourself with dark imaginings … Be gentle with yourself … Keep peace with your soul.”

Offer a small prayer for yourself and see if it makes a difference!

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