Friday, June 22, 2018

Second annual Fathers Day Cruise and Shine a fun event for the whole family

Toni Lucas - Mark and Ashton Goss each attended the second annual Pincher Creek Cruise and Shine event on Sunday, June 18th, Father's Day along Main Street.  "I had to drag dad out," admitted Ashton.  They each went in their own show cars, parked side by side and indulged their love of vehicles while spending the day with each other and talking about their own cars and poking fun at each other.  That was only one of many stories about how this Father's Day car show brought families for a pleasant afternoon.

Mark (dad, black Corvette) and Ashton Goss (son, Silver Camaro)
Organizers estimated over 90 vehicles came to the show, ranging in age, condition, colour, classifications, makes and models. There was a common theme though not easily discernable to the untrained eye. Somebody had to have enough personal pride in the vehicle to put it in the show.

Cole Schweb with his grandfather Jim Cisar's Mustang
Organizer Travis Liscombe was pleased with the show's attendance from both the public and the vehicle owners. Although it had threatened to rain, the crowds stayed dry, and the sun even peeked out occasionally. "Huge amounts of rain blessed our farmers and ranchers yesterday, but every car guy has been praying for sunshine today."   When asked what would have happened if there was rain, Liscombe shrugged and said, "Well, if it had rained we'd have got wet."  A pragmatic approach.  Although it was unknown how far the farthest one travelled was at that point in the day, Liscombe said there he knew there were entrants from British Columbia.

Don Jackson with his daughter Samantha
Liscombe said that the local businesses had donated enough prizes to have a prize every ten minutes for the show.  "We really thank our business community."

Many fathers were given a free hat, kids got to make a wooden car, and those with mobility issues got the chance to cruise from point to point on the Kootenai Brown Museum golf carts.  There was a pancake breakfast and Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village hosted a concession tent, so the smell of burgers and kids carrying ice cream treats were all part of the tableau.  "It's a nice, family day," said Liscombe.

Garnet Heinzig Ford Model A 
Ken Wittkopf with his Chev Coupe

Russ Friesen with his Mercury Cougar
Mel Kubasek with his Cutlass Calais

Wayne Hollander with his Corvette
Travis Liscombe's AMX in front of Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village's Shell exhibit

* name corrected for accuracy

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