Sunday, June 17, 2018

Toys or tools?

Joyce Sasse - Has our apparent over-dependence on things like cell-phones, computers and robots narrowed our vision and left us thinking of these devices as must-have toys? Could they better be understood to be tools?

Maybe its not the technology that’s the trap, but our attitude and how we choose to use them.

I’ve recently been reminded, through the wonder of television, how specialists use technological tools for seeing the awesomeness of our God-given world.

In one program they showed pictures of miniscule butterfly eggs. I saw how some butterfly anti-sonar-sounds fend off hungry bats, and how we know a single butterfly can migrate between Africa and Sweden. So many mysteries and secrets are hidden in something we hardly notice. When examined with the tools of technology, what was once hidden can be brought into view.

Another program revealed intimate details about a single oak tree. Using technological tools, scientists can measure how much water the tree uses in a single hour. Move closer and we are shown the variety of defense mechanisms that tree implements when insect pests chew its leaves or threaten its bark. We see, also, close-ups of the chlorophyll cells that turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. I’ll not take any tree for granted again.

As we use the tools at hand to better understand the gifts of God already at work in nature, it is so important we build on this knowledge? Can we find better ways to live in harmony with the created world rather than try to ineptly dominate Nature?

We are filled with awe, gratitude and hope when we see our connection with what has been Created.

Sacred stories from the Scriptures remind us this is not a world of our devising. This is God’s world! The gifts found here are given by a compassionate and loving Creator. Searching for how to uncover and build on such great truths helps us live with a sense of abundance.

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