Friday, June 22, 2018

Windy Slopes puts donation dollars to good use

Members of the Windy Slopes Health Foundation Board, volunteers, and donors

Chris Davis - On June 13 members of the Windy Slopes Health Foundation (WSHF) board gathered at the Pincher Creek Health Centre to thank Glen and Lois Mumey for a $10,000 donation and to have a look at recent purchases intended to improve both the quality of care the centre offers and the quality of life for patients and staff members.

Donors Glen and Lois Mumey with Pincher Creek Health Centre Site Manager Jordan Koch
According to their mission statement, WSHF is a registered charity whose sole purpose is to raise funds in support of priority health care equipment needs and health care programs delivered at Pincher Creek Health Centre. Its board is composed of local volunteers.  In 2017-2018 to date the total amount of donation dollars used for equipment purchases at the health centre is almost $160,000.

Langyroscopic instruments
The Mumey's donation made possible the purchase of specialized langyroscope blades,  which cost a total of $9,914.56.  The langyroscope is used in the emergency room for difficult intubations, when someone is not breathing.

Six-year-old Glen Hurst was given $1000 for his project proposal, to put together a treasure chest full of prizes for children in the emergency room, intended to ease what is often a scary experience.

New couch in staff lounge
Lois Vance, through her estate, donated money specifically toward the making the workplace better for the staff of the health centre,  and they decided to replace old couches in the staff lounges.

A list of 2017/18 purchases by WSHF, made possible by donations:
  • Physician's Headlamp - $1000.00 with the help of the Summerview Ladies Group
  • Stand Alone Neopuff for Infant Resuscitation for LDR - $1257.00
  • Massimo-Rad Pulse Oximeter x 2 - $1398.00
  • Stryker and Hill-Rom birthing beds for LDR - $31,379.00
  • Custom Roller Blinds for Acute Care - $5246.75 with the help from the Tomik family of Pincher Creek
  • Demo Qube Monitor - $10, 807.00
  • Mobile Light Unit for LDR - $6,741.73
  • Electrosurgical Cautery Unit - $29,278.15
  • Olympus CO2 insufflator for Endoscopy - $6,214.00 with the help from the Pincher Creek Lions Club
  • ECG MAC5500 Upgrade - $18,407.20 with help from Shell Resources
  • Two Staff lounge leather couches - $3,000 with help from Lois Vance estate
  • New Laryngoscope equipment with 6 blades - $9,914.56 purchased by the Mumey family
  • Kyra Comfort Stirrups for the OR stretcher - $9,995.00
  • Ongoing Renovations to the Home Care Examination room - $1800.00 with help from the Eggart family
  • Difficult Video Laryngoscopes with adult & ped. blades - $17,210.00 purchased from our Casino fund.

Total equipment bought = 153,648.39
Payment of Outstanding Invoices: $5770.74
Total Paid out in 2017-2018: $159,419.13

Ongoing projects include Christmas stockings for inpatients during the holiday season, a bladder scanner for Home Care, respiratory unit AirVo units, completion of the wall of recognition in the centre's lobby, improved wifi, advertising and promotion costs, and possible equipment purchases for Laboratory Services.

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