Friday, July 27, 2018

Communities In Bloom judges applaud volunteer commitment in Pincher Creek

Commnities In Bloom judges Bernadette Solon and Larry Hall
Toni Lucas - Pincher Creek was the fourth of six communities visited by Communities in Bloom International Challenge Medium Category Judges Larry Hall (from Canada) and Bernadette Solon (from Ireland). They visited July 15-17 and evaluated over 80% of the town and were supplied with information from town employees and service groups along the way. Five communities of similar size to ours and in the same categoryare in Canada, the USA, and Croatia.

Pincher Creek Director of Community Services Diane Burt-Stuckey speaks at dinner

After their main tour of Pincher Creek a dinner was held in honour of the judges at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village. MD of Pincher Creek Councillor Bev Everts said "This is a great opportunity right now, here, to say a huge thanks from all of us in the MD to everyone who helps to make our hometown such a beautiful one. Thanks to one and all from the MD."

Town Mayor Don Anderberg thanked the various volunteer groups in the area, town staff, and also the judges for their consideration.

Judge Larry Hall said. "Whenever we say Communities in Bloom, people think we are talking about flowers. And that is so wrong. What is going to bloom is the community, not necessarily the flowers." He talked about the 6 categories of judging: Tidiness, Historical Preservation, Environmental action, Urban forestry, Turf and landscape, and flowers. In each of those categories, they look at what the local government is doing, businesses, and service groups. He spoke of the importance of community involvement. "Boy, you guys do well there, obviously." He explained the judges will create approximately a 20-page report on each of the communities they visit. "We make recommendations."

Judge Bernadette Solon stressed the importance of community involvement. "To me for my point of view, seeing today the involvement of volunteers, and to see how volunteers were so delighted to have people coming and looking at their town, and seeing the beauty of their town, to me that is what your town is. Compliments to all of you volunteers. Well done."

Awards were given to the local Businesses in Bloom winners at the dinner. Honourable Mention winners included: Ruffles, Pincher Creek Vets, Stardust Sweets and Treats, Pincher Creek Fire Department, Boese and Company Accounting, Seeds.   Second Place went to Express Signs, and the First place went to Dexter Oilfield.

Winners of the International Challenge will be announced at the Communities In Bloom Symposium and Awards Ceremonies in Strathcona County, Alberta on September 29, 2018.

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