Friday, July 27, 2018

Southern Nights at KBPV

Alli Price and Dave Gabert
  • Note: The Country Classics Wild West Show planned for Friday July 27 has been postponed to Saturday August 25, 2018, 6:00-8:00 pm. KBPV will honour any passes for that evening and rainchecks are available for the August 25 event.
Toni Lucas - Southern Nights at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village is an ever-changing cornucopia of music, education and entertainment throughout the summer on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights through September 1.  On Friday, July 20, the 'Hangfire Gang' Player-Improv Theatre from Lethbridge sent two of their players our way to entertain.  The duo did skits and improvisational comedy.  They posed as town pioneer A.E. Cox and his daughter Millie.  They involved the audience in their free wheeling fun.  along with many other skits the two improvised a wedding skit with a volunteer from the audience, and did a bit about buying a medicinal tonic from a traveling salesman.

The entertainment was funny, family friendly, and had some historical references thrown in. Actors Dave Gabert and Alli Price said this was their first historical improv attempt. Price said it was an inspirational setting.   Gabert had visited the area previously and enjoyed that the weather allowed them to range outdoors, taking the play to two different areas of the grounds for stages.

KBPV Curator Farley Wuth explained the set up for Southern Nights for the summer is to have a speaker on Thursdays, Fridays are more about arts and culture, and Saturdays are generally musical.  Almost all of the nights have children's activities planned.  "These are family-friendly events, meant for all ages or the whole family to enjoy".

Southern Nights schedule

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