Friday, August 17, 2018

‎Bill Roques‎ (via our Facebook page) - Hi all. I'm writing from Buckinghamshire in England just to pass on a strange coincidence. We were driving through Alberta in July and stopped to buy a pair of sunglasses at Pincher Creek... it was our first experience of main street Canada... and apologies to the driver at the four way stop... it was also our first experience and we forgot the sequencing.

I used to be a Housemaster at a boarding school in Wokingham called Bearwood College. During WW1 the school (it was an old mansion) was used as a convalescence home for Canadian soldiers (20,000 passed through there). Its early Registrar was "Captain Gillespie of Pincher Creek, Alberta, of Queens University and Intercollegiate hockey fame". I didn't realise this connection till later, is he remembered in Pincher Creek? He would have been a very important man in Winnersh (where the school was).

Editor's note: Winnersh is a village in Berkshire, England.

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