Sunday, August 26, 2018

Calf scramble winner happy to be 'in the running'

Carter and Jake Anderson
Toni Lucas - In a matter of minutes at the Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo on Saturday August 18th  the Anderson family won two bikes during the Windyview calf scramble. Eight-year-old Jake won in the 9 and under category, and 11-year-old Carter won in the ages 10-12 run. Both brothers were delighted with their bikes.

Younger brother Jake was thrilled to be in the running at all. In September 2017 Jake was in a quad accident.

Jake's quad accident scar
Jake was in a side-by-side quad during a rollover which cracked his pelvis, shattered the radius and ulna of his arm, and fractured his femur. A few short months later, Jake is happily biking around on his newly won wheels. The family are grateful for the care Jake got in both Calgary and Pincher Creek's health facility. Jake required a fasciectomy to relieve tension and pressure commonly to treat the loss of circulation and allow swelling in his arm. Jake truly appreciated the care from Dr. Gavin Parker and Nurse Sandra Lewis. The whole family was attending the rodeo. The father Chad Anderson said "We all love it. We come every year."

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