Thursday, August 16, 2018

Heritage Acres holds 2018 Annual Show

Toni Lucas - Heritage Acres held their 2018 Annual Show over the August long weekend, and celebrated how the stationary engine made people's lives easier by mechanizing farming related tasks. It also indirectly celebrated families. Everywhere on the extensive grounds families were enjoying time with each other and the multitudinous exhibits. Children were enjoying activities like rope making and trying out pedal and miniature tractors. Adults enjoyed the machines, the cool weather, and the nostalgia.

Alec Chisholm and John (3) test drive a mini tractor

Many of these machines are housed at the museum site, but some travelled to be a part of the event. As amazing as these machines were at the time, it still creates awe to see a steam engine with three people working to keep it running trundling along on the roadway. That is part of the charm of this show, to see these amazing machines, a part of our shared history, in action.  The show had many demonstrations and points of interest, including the sawmill demonstration, with a steam engine powering the belt drive to saw the logs. A stationary machine also helped churn ice cream.

Alvin and Carolyn Robbins with quarterhorses pulling a stagecoach

Jacee Mowat on Grandpa George Mowat's tractor

Kayli Guliker (right) and friend on tiny tractors

Mackenzie Boese watches Norm Walker at the Railway Station

Myrah Slettede feels the rain at the Parade of Power

Nathan Ives helps Joel Boese with mini tractor

MD of Pincher Creek Reeve Quentin Stevick with Louise and John Barlow (Foothills MP)

Member of Parliament for Foothills Alberta John Barlow led the Parade of Power in the beautiful Princess Coach with his wife Louise and MD of Pincher Creek Reeve Quentin Stevick. Barlow also agreed to be at a volunteer work bee on August 9-10 to help paint the Zoeteman/Vogelaar dairy barn. This barn has been an ongoing project on site.  It was also the site of supper for the event, and musical entertainment.

Rick Bell (Heritage Acres), Louise and John Barlow, Heritage Acres Executive Director Mark Barber 

Jessica Feyter had a handful with Kayli and Zachary Guliker after they made their own ropes

Shawn Smyth and Norm Walker in the Railway Station 

Alvin the articulated tractor
Located north of Pincher Creek, Heritage Acres will be open Mondays through Sundays until after the Labour Day Weekend.  Click here for a schedule of events and a peek at some of the attractions there.

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