Sunday, August 12, 2018

New norm unsettling

Joyce Sasse
Joyce Sasse - We might not want to think about it, but we have to – think about the changing climate, that is!

It is only human to be fearful in the face of uncertainty. That’s why so many, for so long, have tried to deny what climate scientists have been telling us for years. Now, in this 2nd year of extreme drought across the Canadian prairies, and with excessive temperature highs everywhere around the globe, the time has come to seek out facts and develop strategies for how to move forward.

In times like this, reliance on our spiritual values might help us better cope with stress and appreciate our God-given capacity for resilience.

Courage and strength come as we work with others. We need to build meaningful dialogue with each other as we learn how to be more adaptable and act with wisdom.

We need to insist our media provide realistic and reliable information about the over-all picture. What’s happening? What needs to happen?

We need to insist on action from our politicians. Stop them bellowing that “the Economy” will be wrecked if they try to introduce carbon-based control measures. Invite legislative measures that help deflate the destructive pollution-bubbles that threaten our land, water and air.

We all take to heart the reminder that everyone bears some kind of burden. Our rural and agriculturally based people are now on the front-line with regard to threats and uncertainty. Make it our business to show each other that no one should have to bear their burdens alone. If we share stressful loads, we are all made stronger. By showing that we care, we offer glimmers of hope that this darkness, too, can pass.

Prayer Sampler (from Germinate – Arthur Rank Centre News, United Kingdom) “Loving God, we thank you for our farmers and the food they produce. We remember those who are concerned about crop yields and prices, livestock and feed. Give them (and us) a sense of your peace. Help us always to value the food we eat and not just take it (or them) for granted. Amen”

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