Thursday, August 16, 2018

Pool temperature to be raised and situation monitored

Toni Lucas - At their regular meeting on July 23. Council for the Town of Pincher Creek supported a recommendation to increase the pool temperature by 0.25 degrees to a 28.75 set-point The decision was in response to a request by a  June 25 delegation of people who participate in aquafit at the pool, represented by Debbie Reed.

 A number of the people in the aquafit course agreed with  a statement that the pool is colder during the time frame the Dolphin Swim Club is active."The other day, on a Monday,  the temperature of the pool was 27.2. On the Wednesday, it was 27.7.  A world of difference." said Reed. She said this is an ongoing issue for a number of people in the aquafit group, some of whom have issues such as hip replacements and arthritis. "I have been attending aquafit at the swimming pool for several years now.  A lot of the people involved  in aquafit have been attending  much longer."  They say they have faced the issue of the cooler temperature for the pool each year.

Councillor Mark Barber said the water temperature was increased shortly after the delegation on June 25.  A number of other pools were contacted to ascertain average temperatures.  A change in water temperature comes with other considerations, include algae, bacteria growth, and heating costs.  As a number of other pools average 29 degrees Celsius there should not be an issue with the temperature increase, according to Barber.  Councillor Scott Korbett said the average time it takes to change the temperature of the pool is two days.  The situation is to be monitored to see what difference it makes for all patrons of the pool, and for how it may affect the water chemistry.

In January of this year Alberta Health Services issued an update to the province's standards for pool operators.  The standards guide states "The water in a public swimming pool, when in use, must not be greater than 40 degrees Celsius."

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