Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Statement from the developers of the Windy Point Wind Farm Project

Boralex - We acknowledge the decision made by the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) of Pincher Creek this month to deny the development permit approval for the proposed 50MW Windy Point Wind Farm Project. We are disappointed with the decision and the factors that led to MPC’s conclusions on this matter. We are currently considering our options to address the decision made by the MPC.

We, as developers of the Windy Point Wind Farm, believe in environmental stewardship and are committed to respecting and protecting wildlife habitat and the environment throughout the Project’s development, construction and operation and eventual decommissioning.

Choice of a project’s location is determined by a number of factors and includes consideration of potential wildlife and environmental impacts, among other things. Extensive environmental studies are undertaken early in the development of the wind farm and the information gathered from those studies are used to implement actions that will reduce and mitigate any negative impacts on wildlife and wildlife habitat. 

In determining the location of the Project, we also took into consideration the interconnection and transmission requirements. The Windy Point Wind Farm does not require any additional transmission infrastructure in order to connect the Project to the electrical grid, and all turbine ‘tie-in’ cables will be situated underground, thus greatly reducing the environmental and visual impacts of the Project.

At this point, we are evaluating various options regarding the future development of the Project.

We believe that wind power generation has provided safe and renewable energy to Canadians for over a decade and will continue to work constructively with our neighbours, communities and the government to power Alberta’s future together.

Editor's note:  This was submitted in response to a Livingstone Landowners Group opinion piece published here at the Pincher Creek Voice entitled “Continuing wind development threatens environmentally sensitive grassland areas

Additional note: The developers of the Windy Point Wind Farm Project are Boralex and Alberta Wind Energy Corporation (AWEC).

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  1. Dear sir,
    As to reply to this comment by this company,the environment these people say are false.
    The birds that these windmills kill is astronomical.I watched when theyre company crews were sent out to pick up dead birds(bald eagles,hawks,bats,finches.etc).every week they are sent out to cover up they're evidence.Also these windmills DO NOT create employment in this area of Pincher creek.
    Nobody are hired to build them or to maintain them.
    Tim blake
    Pincher Creek Alberta


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